It's snow joke

The school had reopened after being shut due to a bit of snow and the Teacher told her class of five to six year olds that the word of the day was 'contagious'."Now children, can anyone give me a sentence containing the word contagious ?" Two kids put their hands up. "Yes Susan, give us your sentence." Susan said. "Yes Miss..Mummy told me to stay away from the girl next door, as she has measles which is very contagious." Miss said. "Excellent Susan. yes Jayne, tell us yours." Jayne followed up with. " Lots of diseases are contagious, not just measles but colds and coughs and allsorts." The Teacher praised her and then Jack at the back of the class put his hand up. "Ok Jack, give the class your sentence." Jack stood up and said. " My Dad is a 'Bin Man' with the council and after it snowed, he told Mum he wasn't going to work as it was too dangerous to drive.Mum said. "Why can't you walk to work like Sid next door is going to ?" My Dad said. "Fuck off, it'll take the cuntages."
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