Its simple, the Taliban pay more

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. 'The Taliban has found a way to recruit fighters that is less about winning hearts and minds and more about the enduring appeal of cold hard cash.

    They are paying fighters up to $12 a day to fight the fledgling Afghan National Army, which pays only $4 a day to its soldiers in the field, according to military officials.

    “If you were a lad in the hills and you were offered $12 to stay local or you could take $4 and fight miles away from home, which would you do?” said Lieutenant Colonel David Hammond, an officer with 7 Para'
  2. Courtesy of the Poppy I'm sure. Jesus christ 8O
  3. Mainly our good freinds at ISI, its not really the Poppys fault.
  4. So the Taliban can afford to pay (Rough guess) at least $120,000 dollars a day to it's forces? $12.00 is what a grunt gets, I'm sure there is some kind of command hierarchy so the money goes up, a sort of Taliban Pay 2000.

    We need to gain commercial control of the Poppy , but we need to stop ALL forms of funding to the Taliban, which means a certain Commonwealth country bordering Afghanistan needs to clean house.
  5. I think getting rid of the drugs is a dumbo waste of time. Surely security is the number one issue and once you destroy the farmers' livelihoods they will go after the next best source of cash - which will be the Taliban at 10 dollars a day.

    They say people in the southern provinces were p_ed off even before the British turned up as the ANA had been destroying the poppy fields and the US had been bombing the sh1te out of the villages (all unreported in our media of course). This explains the warm reception our boys received.
  6. Why don't we pay them $30 a day to stay home?
  7. Or $40 a day to attack Pakistan / Iran
  8. Reducto ad absurdum;

    If the taleban are being financed by poppies then we need to stop heroin abuse in the west.

    Liberal democracies do not have a good track record in drug prevention - fundamentalist states do.

    Therefore in order to deny the taleban funding, we must form a strict religious fundamentalist state (preferably islamist in this country.

    What say you? :)
  9. I say support the statement in red.
  10. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    There've been a few articles of late talking about around a 400% worldwide shortage of Opium for medicinal use (if you incl. the African market that can't pay for morphine/codeine but could do with more of it). Here's one, although I'm sure that there are a few better written versions.

    Times Online

  11. Good link DPM , cheers muchly for that. Has anyone ever sat down and presented grasping Gordon with a "look how much money we can make from this if Britain takes control of the crop"?

    After all, it's not as if there isn't historical precedent :)
  12. What say you? :)[/quote]

    I say support the statement in red.[/quote]

    I admit that my argument is based wholly on anecdotal evidence that islamist fundamentalists (such as the taleban) frown upon heroin abuse. Indeed, under taleban rule, opium production fell in Afghanistan. They appear to have changed their stance now that it suits them economically.

    I am heartened by the fact that nobody bothered to challenge my rhetorical argument :)

  13. Didn't I? :?