It's shite alright, but is it art?

Reading the Guardian this morning, there is an exhibition at the Wellcome Collection entitled 'Dirt, the Filthy Reality of Everyday Life' devoted to dirt and humankind's desperate attempts to control it's accumulation.

There seem to be various portraits and bits and bobs on display but one of them is, quote:'Five giant grey slabs made by the artist Santiago Sierra from pounded and baked human excrement created with the help of Dalits who clear India's reeking open sewers by hand.'

Is this art?

(Sorry, no link or pics, I'm writing this on a phone and I'm too much of a biff to manage it. Perhaps someone could help me out?)
Is this art?

Apparently. Personally I believe it is what it is, excrement.

I was seeing a girl who studied at a European fine arts academy and my insight to 'their world' led me to the following conclusion.

The whole modern art movement is merely an old boys network and not based on artistic merit, if you haven't been through the ranks at a notable art academy/university/college then you will never get to the stage of astounding the world with your Ikea mirrored bathroom cabinet in Tate modern. Lets be fair, any one of us could display an Ikea mirrored bathroom cabinet in Tate modern but of course we can not as we are not known artist's (I use the term loosely).

In ye' olde times artist's made a living out of providing a service, capturing an image with life like paintings or sculptures. This all went to rat sh*t with the invention of the camera and put a lot of artist's out of work so they moved on to what is now under the umbrella of modern art to express themselves or more likely trying to find another way to relieve money from people.

I would find the whole movement slightly less annoying if people were somewhat less pompous about the whole thing, a trip around Tate is enough to sap all but the most shallow persons will to live.

Modern art, I sh*t it!
Apparently. Personally I believe it is what it is, excrement.

Modern art, I sh*t it!

Yer man Sierra has form.

"This morning the local mayor in the small German town of Pulheim announced that he had temporarily stopped Sierra's project - a homemade gas chamber set up in a former synagogue.

Sierra had parked six cars outside the synagogue and attached their exhaust pipes to the building using a series of 80-metre long plastic tubes. The synagogue was then filled with deadly gas. Visitors last weekend were invited to go inside wearing a gas mask. A firefighter escorted them inside one by one. Before being allowed in, they had to sign a disclaimer making clear they realised the room was full of carbon monoxide.

The project opened to the public on Sunday - sparking huge queues, and mixed reactions".
Is this whole industry called art just a self generating bandwagon , where nobody wants to be the first to have an "Emporers New Clothes" moment?
My Daughter has just completed her degree at uni, she had to do a dississation of between 5 and 10 thousand words with associated research. One of the taxgrabbers she shared a house with was doing "Serious Drama", and I shit you not, part of his final was to sit in a parking bay, rented from the council by the uni, for 30 mins then talk about how it made him feel!!!!
I did ask him how he thought his career in the fast food industry was going to be enhanced by being able to take ordersd through the medium of interpritive dance, he didnt see funny side for some reason.
Why wasnt white van man racing into a vacant bay that day?
As long as people can walk away from uni having done shit like this the luvvies will continue to stay on the gravy train

Signed, Angry of Dagenham

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