IT'S SANTA BRAWLS! Have yourself a merry charver christmas

The world's biggest gathering of Santa Clauses has ended in a mass brawl.

CS spray and batons had to be used to break up the fighting Santas.

Some 4,200 people dressed as Father Christmas gathered in a small Welsh town for a charity festive fun run.

But it turned into festive fisticuffs after some of the Santas headed to the pub for a seasonal tipple.

The goodwill evaporated, to be replaced with around 30 Santas swapping punches.

Five St Nicks were nicked by police.

"You could see that a lot of the older male Santas were heading for the pub straight after the race," eyewitness Emma Jones told The Times.

"It is such a pity that a few of them had too much Christmas spirit and spoilt it for everyone else."

The fun run set the record for the largest gathering of Santas in one place.

The annual event, in Newtown, mid-Wales, raised more than £80,000 last year for charity.

They've obviously been watching too much Bad Santa :roll:

Yo ho fcukin ho :wink:
come_to_arrest_the_zulus said:
last year the santa going through our local town got bricked by the little chav gits!

he had to have a cp team this year haha :lol:
They're probably the nutters dressed as elves then. lol...........

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