Its safer to be in the infantry.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kurt_ruby, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. yes without a doubt

  2. no not by a long shot

  1. hi ive just passed selection and the seorgent was putting some puffs in their place who said they wanted to join regiments like royal engineers reme rather then infantry because they dident want to get shot (no offence intended) and he said your more likly to be killed if your in re or reme then you you would if you were in the coldstream guards (regiment im joining) or any other regiments in the infantry. i asked him why and he said because theirs been lots of roadside bombings and vechiles are used mainly by regiments other then infantry because infantry are more relient on their feet. what do you guys think? 8O
  2. Dunno who said yes, In my eyes thats wrong, Because i was told by a marine on leave the other day that The infntry are doing jack shit all day, And advised me not to join it, But hey i cant relly say nowt unless ive been there But should it matter weathe ror not your gonna die you go for the trade because you want to, not because u where forced.
  3. Everyone's a target in the current environment. The main difference is that if you're in the infantry, the guy next to you probably knows how to handle his weapon.

    Takes cover, expecting incoming.
  4. Did you just call the Royal Engineers poofs?

  5. did you call my pint gay?
  6. Tell that the 10000 aliied troops who were going over the top in Ypres - mmmm let me think in a word - no
  7. DISCLAIMER: Under no circumstanses is this a dig at engineers or anyone else just the fat guys that wanted to join them. also i am talking about modern warfare guys 8O
  8. It depends really.. I mean look at it this way.

    Infantry are head on combating the danger/"threats"; the "rest" are doing their own jobs rather than constant contacts.. look at the ways in which these people are dying and then see for yourself.. you can't really assess the way in which you are hoping.. you're more likely to die walking down the street than in the army.. statistically speaking
  9. so what about the bridge that was built in helmund a while back i dont think there were any infantry in front of them was there.
    And most units have their own fattys to contend with including infantry
  10. did you just say the engrs were puffs and fat?
  11. What a fcukwit pointless thread ... nah, nah, nah ... we get shot more than you.

    Grow up and learn about the different arms of the army and how they mutually support each other in an attempt to stop anyone getting killed.

    K13 ... fat ex RE
  12. kirt ruby you`ve only just passed selection and already your calling other regt`s and corps....all i can say is you have a lot to learn mate, a lot to learn
  13. Shurrup, you civvy poof.
  14. You too