Its raining cash!



War Hero
i would of handed it in because i am gentlemen and its the right thing to do!
Aunty Stella a man after mi own heart.

"Several motorists pulled over to try and help the motorcyclists find the cash, but only £500 was recovered.

Police said they are making inquiries as to why the pair were carrying so much cash."

One guy I served with was, many years later, caught down in Ampshire with a 8 kilo block of Hash. Yes 8 kilos a massive compressed lump strapped to his chest. He was on his M/bike and just pulled over for a docs check, and he beleived that.
His lawyer told the tale cum the trial, Service in NI and service with the unit in Hereford, (Mech on their helis) all well laid on and he copped for 18 months first offence.
Wonder if he now going for his second long lie in.
I concur. Class A narcotics, bling and Romanian prostitutes.

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