Its PTC Time

Discussion in 'RLC' started by happy_as_a_hat, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. Fellas,

    I am a thrusting young lad who would like to undertake a PTC. My dilema is however;

    The Food Services Course might be my number 2 choice (after Pet). Will I be shoved straight into a horrible Bde Staff job on completion or are there some nice postings out there?
  2. Do your Pet course become a PI God.
  3. Yes. 8O
  4. Or you could be really lucky and get posted to a Ration Troop in 6 or 9 Regiments.
  5. Or the glorious Shiney nine
  6. sooner or later you will be in a staff job.

    my advice, take the hit early as a slop/PI on the staff.

    they're not real staff jobs and you'll always have a snr WO to asist you, but at least you'll get a staff tick early.

    get that out of the way early, then progress onto a regt job, eg Adjt. if you don't promote from that you'll be pretty senior and will have the pick of the decent SO3 jobs at the man bdes or divs where you'll have your work cut out and can make a difference.

    if you go to a Tp Comds job as a foodie/PI you'll be inline for an SO3 job and the chances are you'll get spammed with a functional branch job, eg SO3 pies at a bde, this you could have done 2 yrs earlier.