Its PC madness - I going

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Apr 23, 2005.

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  1. old_bloke,

    You are right using the word "immigrant" shouldn't be against the law, however to quote the rest of the aticle...

    She replied: "I can't find another doctor. All the good doctors are taken up by asylum seekers and I am left with an immigrant doctor."

    To be honest mate..if she said that she is not only talking C**P but is very moraly wrong as well, i'm English through and through but if I was working in another country, say France and someone said that to me they would be inspecting the floor with their ass.

    I know alot of people on here will more than disagree with me, but hey !

    Stand by, stand by
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Don't see why this is "PC Madness. Given the current prejorative connotations of the term, if someone calls someone else an immigrant whilst they're battering them, then it seems reasonable to assume that there's a "racial aggravation" element.
  3. What if they're Aussie immigrants? Does that count, 'cos there's loads of the immigrant c*nts working in bars down my way.

    And those immigrant Irish f*ckers. Calling themselves Gypsies. What's all that about?
  4. Immigrant of itself not racially aggravating.

    Saying all the 'Good' doctors,are taken up, and she's seeing an "immigrant" in this case does seem to be. My Doctor is Canadian-eh, and she's pretty damn good.

    Of course, she could always go private. Ooooooooops I forgot, that's full of 'Good' doctors, and damn me if they ain't 'immigrants' as well.
  5. Balls. This woman lives in Luton, an area of extremely high immigration from the Indian subcontinent. I can very well imagine her frustration at being treated in an apparently offhand and seemingly unprofessional way (read the report) by someone whom she may regard as a recent newcomer to her part of the world, where she may well be starting to feel a foreigner herself. Her behaviour was foolish, but legislation intended to engineer attitude is even more foolish.
  6. That's funny. We've got a load of British Immigrants doing the same thing out here.
  7. I recently had a short stay in Frimley Park Hospital, where many of the nurses are Philipino

    In the recovery suite after my operation I was finding it hard to understand the nurses... the gentleman next to me went one further, by remarking to a nurse "I'm sorry my dear, but I can't understand a bloody word your saying!"

    The point being that the staff may be very professional in their job, but if you can't understand them, and they can't understand you, the situation is rife for problems...

    Without knowing the case in question, I fully sympathise with the woman :evil:
  8. Immigrant b*stards.
  9. have we forgotten that this "immigrant" is a Doctor...he is a profesional that has worked hard to get where he is. He's not just some freeloading sh1te who is claiming the old King Cole and free housing, at least he is paying tax and such like...what about the 100,000's of Brits who flock to sunny pastures, dont put anything into the local community and dont even learn to speak the language ???? you class them as "immigrants" ????

    To be honest the woman sounds like a right angry bint that was in the wrong in the way she use the word immigrant, I have worked in the customer facing industry and I can tell you public can be right ARRSE to deal with.

    If there is one thing that p**sses me off, it's people that are so set in their ways...

    ..question is what the Feck was she doing out of the Kitchen where she should have been making her old mans Dinner ???
  10. Don't know what this looks like to you guys, but to me it seems like she's saying that he isn't a good doctor because he is an immigrant. While not specifically racist in that she isn't saying he isn't a good doctor due to his membership of a specific racial group, it's pretty close in saying that because he isn't British he isn't a good doctor.
    I doubt his being an immigrant was the real cause of the assault though - sounds like just another pushy parent who wouldn't accept that doctors are not capable of giving an instant diagnosis to every possible minor ailment...
  11. Racist cow.
  12. What's more offensive, calling someone an 'immigrant' or calling someone a 'Racist cow'?

    Hypocritical liberals, don't you just luv 'em?
  13. What's more offensive

    Calling someone's professionalism into question, based solely on "He's not British" or calling somone a 'Racist cow" for making that sort of statement?

    Because her statement infers she tried all the "British/Good" Doctors before trying an 'Immigrant/Bad" one.

    If it wasn't for all the immigrant NHS Personnel and their UK counterparts working like bloody heroes for fc*k all , the NHS would have collapsed.

    So instead of this stupid cow banging on about 'Immigrant Doctors"which incidentally have been around in Britain since WW2 , maybe she should ask herself just why the Doctor couldn't put her straight on his surgery list.

    I wonder if she gobbed off at him at all? Belay that , I think I already know the answer

    Incidentally my Canadian-eh Female Doctor is a Hindu.

    And she's still bloody good.
  14. Well said that man! As a person working in the AMS/DMS/NHS if it were not for these "immigrant" persons we would have sunk years ago. Some pour their hearts and soul into our medical care and get abuse in response :evil:
    I do however, believe in controlled immigration, something New Labliar know nothing about :evil:

    As a person with an "immigrant" in my family, some offer a vast wealth to the UK and that part of my family, I am proud to say, has benefited this country immeasurably. He and his heritage have given me and those he has met a wealth of pleasure and help. I yearn for his like to help this country, for God knows our own heritage are doing bog all for themselves but complain.

    Oh and surgery lists are a New Labliar ploy, you spend months on one to move to another. Just so they can say they are doing the job :evil: