It's Pancake Day!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. That's right - It's Pancake Day! I love pancakes, I have mine with a squish of lemon and a trace of sugar cos I'm sweet enough. I'm really good at tossing them too! What's your favourite pancake and how do you make yours?


  2. Coming originally from Yorkshire i have memories of odd pancake flavours.

    Sugar and Vinegar

    I have also turned them into a main meal by filling and rolling them with bolognese sauce.
  3. I love pancakes so much I can eat them cold and straight from a packet.

    My favourite is to fill a small tub with coco pops heat up the pancake then stick the pancake to the top of the cocopops. When you lift it off a layer of cocopops comes too, now fold over and stuff in your gob. Pure beaut :)

    My original favourite is just the simple butter and sugar combo. Can't beat simple old favourites.

    Chocolate filled crepes are gorgeous too! Shit I'm hungry now and can't eat til after circuits. :-(
  4. Dont forget to bang the pan off your face whislt making them you dull cunt
  5. Sugar and Vinegar, I've heard they're a bit thrifty over t'hills but vinegar? Are there no lemons in Yorkshire or have they sucked em all?
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  6. To be fair to the yorkshireman/woman (for a change), the pancake ready mixes are also yorkshire pudding mixes, the only difference being frying and baking, maybe they are baking their pancakes? Fucking freaks the lot of em ;)
  7. Amazes me people buy these mixes.
  8. Completely agree, as they are so simple to make.

    Even simpler is just filling them with Nutella and tucking in. Yum.
  9. Part of the fun of pancakes is the mess you make making them!!!! I like butter and sugar in mine.

    Now where did I leave the pancake pan???

  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Hopefully sticking out of Dull_cnuts face, with a copious amout of blood flowing.
  11. We eat them stuffed with scrummy veggies, and a little bit of chili relish does not go amiss. Followed by either sugar and lemon or choccie sauce made from chocolate powder, milk and a touch of sugar. Complete meal.
    Now there is syncronicity for you, I made up a pile to be eaten today and didn't look at the calendar.
  12. Pancakes?

    Who gives a toss?
  13. now that made me laugh!
  14. As a Caterer I am amazed at all the "Just Add Water" food mixes there are, Fish Batter, Bag of Flour and chemicals, just add water...... why not make the real thing, Flour, Beer, Egg Yolk, seasoning and a little oil and just add water.........No Chemicals (well maybe a couple in the beer and water).

    It does not take any longer to make, just more ingredients to buy.
  15. black cherries (from a tin ) and ice cream fcukin excelent .