Its over

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Taz_786, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. After 14 weeks of torture Big Bro is over!

    *cue Beethoven's Ode to Joy*

    Time to make merry!

    All the BB saddos..go get a life...
  2. I've managed to modify my TV so that it cannot receive this sh1t.
  3. thank f*ck cue big celebration - drat x factor has just started -aaarrgh :!:
  4. X factor ain't that bad. I have to be honest though I don't watch it after the audition stage.

    I like the fact that they parade the mutants about who then make complete fools of themselves for my merriment. Kinda makes me appreciate my life a whole lot better.
  5. After 3 months I can finally channel surf without running the risk of encountering this brain rotting drivel. That said, Davina is already mad keen for next years series.
  6. she would seen as that and the hair product commercials are the only way shes going to earn any dough, since her chat show bombed.
  7. If you did not watch it then whats the problem!. Or are you a secret fan??.

    I hate BB but dont bother to switch over to C4, so Ive got nothing to complain about. I wouldnt care if it was on for a year...
  8. Thank FCUK for that it was complete ARRSE. Just in time for the Premiership to start so i dont have to channel hop and find that rubbish again.Can you imagine tourettes Pete on the terraces but then again if he was watching man poo he wouldnt get that excited to start swearing.

    A great welcome back for Soccer AM

    COME ON YOU IRONS...!!!!!!!!
  9. Get back to your ship building!!!!
  10. Ah Soccer AM.

    Welcome back...............
  11. I'd still bang that Nikki bird, even if she was as annoying as fcuk.
  12. Who the fcuk is Russell Brand? I foolishly fell asleep in front of the eejit box last night and when I awoke, there he was, surrounded by the flotsam and jetsam of Big Brother. The mincing nonce.
  13. Russel Brand is the geezer allegedly doing Kate Moss up the ARRSE

    Still a mincer though with his womans jeans on
  14. A strange one yes, but Nonce?, steady on. A bit of slander in that comment!.
  15. When asked how he felt after winning BB7, Tourettes sufferer Pete relied, "It's an honour to have the support of the British Public and I would like to thank each and every one of the c*nts for their vote......suck my c*ck Davina!"