"Its over Brown, theres no more money" Heckler.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mark1234, May 1, 2010.

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  1. Gordon Brown's goons eject a heckler.
    Youtube video.

    I've never been a bouncer but is it legal for someone to man handle someone out of a premises if they are not breaking the law or being aggressive?

    Genuine question.
  2. Was a middle aged gentleman not arrested for shouting "rubbish" at one of the labour party morons a few years back?
  3. Under the terrorism act if I recall.
  4. Odds on this man never to be seen again?
  5. He wasnt arrested

  6. Disagree with 'Stalin' Brown and face the music!

    Imagine if Brown had the wit to have said: 'OK, say your piece', and then verbally countered. Of course this could not have happened as the fatuous oaf was mouthing the words inculcated into him by Mr. Mandelson earlier in the day, and if he had stopped he would have dried.

  7. Democracy under Labour.... dissent will not be tolerated! (Though electoral fraud and racist vandalism of war memorials is!)
  8. Why was Brown surrounded by zombie-faced teenage girls? Is he turning to the example of the late Alan Clark to improve his image a bit?
  9. That interests me too. I know I'd have clattered that gobshite in the specs if he'd grabbed me like that. You could always say you thought he was about to mug you. Anything's possible with Labour supporters.

  10. Brown heckler thrown out of meeting
    (UKPA) – 3 hours ago

    A heckler was forcibly removed from a Gordon Brown campaign event after shouting at the Prime Minister: "What about that bigoted woman?"

    Julian Borthwick, 38, was manhandled from the room by Labour activists after interrupting Mr Brown's speech with his reference to the Gillian Duffy row.

    The Prime Minister's police protection then escorted him from the property as party supporters cheered Mr Brown off from the event at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.

    Mr Borthwick, an Oxford law graduate, had heckled the premier with comments including "we're broke" and "what about that bigoted woman?"

    Mr Brown continued with his speech, only saying that there would be "plenty of time" to ask questions afterwards.

    Mr Borthwick said afterwards he was angry that the Prime Minister had such limited contact with the public while he was on the campaign trail.

    The ICT worker, who comes from Sunderland but lives in London, said: "It's the fact that it's been such a controlled campaign.

    "Real politicians are going around talking to real people and Mr Brown isn't doing that. Mr Brown needs to see real electors, not just hand-picked people."

    As he was walked to the edge of the centre's car park by a police officer, he said: "This is what happens if you bump into the Prime Minister, you get walked off the premises."

    Labour activists reacted furiously, one accusing him of being a "disgrace" to the area for interrupting the event.
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  11. If it was by police officers it would be a bit more acceptable, but why are Labour gimps removing someone using force, when he's not breaking any law and shows no sign of aggression?

    I always understood that if someone's not wanted somewhere, but not doing any wrong, Police had to be called to remove them?

    And stewards, bouncers and security only had the same powers we all have, meaning they can only restrain or remove someone if they are committing an arrestable offence. Or they have reason to believe they will.

    Otherwise isn't it assault,have I got it wrong? like I've said it's a genuine question.
  12. Ah, the good old "Freedom of Speech" clause.

    You can say what you want, as long as it's what I want to hear.

  13. The guy with the glasses on is wearing a red rosette, so they reckon he's a Policeman then do they, what about the little woman in the red coat, she doesn't look like a copper either, or the guy with a beard and red t-shirt.

    These are not police protection officers. They look like Labour party members to me.