It's official - tories now unelectable

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Dec 21, 2004.

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    I'm now predicting a Lab/LibDem coalition at the next election, with UKIP taking huge swathes of traditional Tory seats.

    When publicwhip is back up in a few days, I'll find out how my MP voted, and if he didn't abstain or rebel, I shall be switching my vote to UKIP...
  2. Thought you lived in Holland?

    UKIP is a wasted vote in a general election. It's about as much use as an ash tray on a motorbike, particularly with self important permatan being a figurehead.
  3. Feck!!!

    I just wish Mr Howard would get back to traditional tory policies and stop mincing his ones with the trendy centre politics of the liberal PC elite.

    What ever happened to

    Minimal influence of government on an individuals life
    Small government
    Low taxes
    Encouraging entrepreneurial (Sp?) enterprises
    Wealth and job creation for all
    Individual choice (with individual responsibility for those choices!)

    If they dont get their finger out, i may go for the new party or may just vote strategically to get labour out in my neck of the woods :roll:

    agent smith
  4. Agreed. A small gaggle of cheesy Little Englanders with some very nasty views on race not too far below the surface.
  5. Howard is the wrong guy. I'd put Boris Johnston up as he at least speaks up and is not afraid to be anti PC even if a little pompous. He certainly went up in my thinking over the Liverpool issue. I'm not too bothered if he has his own secret supply of "little ones".
  6. Yep, boris is another straight talker!

    we need more of them instead of your typical mincer lawyer brigade who wont answer a straight question :evil:

    we can but hope

    agent smith
  7. Scalieback - yes, I do live in Holland, but I'm not a permanent resident here. Therefore, I still maintain an address in the UK, and can still vote. In fact, I believe that I'm obliged to maintain an address in the UK. It's a complicated arrangement I don't totally understand, but is due to who I work for...
  8. I think more Little Britainers than Englanders
  9. yeh but no but yeh but no but YEAH!!

    Shut it!! Any way your just a scabby nosed honker and everbody knows you touched BB's hairy one behind the bike shed!!

    Oh you so did!!!

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Agent smith
  10. Do they have the only 'gay in the village' then? Are you sure UKIP allow homosexuality? I thought UKIP was for the hetro WASPs.
  11. Thought as much. I take it like postings abroad, you have a postal vote.
  12. "The concept of the ID card is one that appeals to people in principle..."

    It appeals to sheep. And aspiring tyrants.
  13. You can vote if you are a UK citizen abroad . I'll post the appropriate link when I can find it.
  14. From the little I saw of it, Howard made an effective attack on the Government's "grubby" style today arising out of the Blunkett affair. I hope a transcript or summary comes out.