It's official, Sharwood's sauces are arrse!

When Sharwoods launched its latest product range earlier this month, it promised the "deliciously rich" sauces based on a traditional northern Indian method of cooking would "change the way consumers make curry".

What it failed to foresee was that "bundh" in Punjabi has an altogether less savoury meaning - the nearest English translation being, to put it bluntly, "arse".

After the advertising campaign launched, Sharwoods owner Centura Foods began to get calls from Punjabi speakers pointing out their gaffe.

But the company is sticking by its name, insisting it was "inspired by a traditional northern Indian 'closed pot' method of cooking which creates a deliciously rich, full of flavour dish of tender meat".
So come on everybody, visit the Indian Army Rumour Sevice at
Gunny, you are a warped and ill man.
At least we have sacks to dip.

Yours had to be removed from constantly being touched by grubby oily hands..... lucky for you it suited your lifestyle as a crossdresser.

and may I say, what a bonny young lady you have blossomed into :D :D
Yep, thats our Shotgun... a Mr Bean lookalike with big norks and a posh frock :D
mighty_doh-nut said:
Yep, thats our Shotgun... a Mr Bean lookalike with big norks and a posh frock :D
And no taste of Man'ssack in his it really salty or is that just a rumour spread round by AAC types? :D

There's nothing wrong with cross dressing, I'd rather dress as a trannie than be closet AAC...ooops...nothing closet about you... :D
Sharwoods have done this for who have missed out on a Ruby Murray after a night on the p1ss.

Simply rub half a jar or Sharwoods Arrse around your rusty bullet hole prior to bed and wake up with an authentic Indian Ring Sting.

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