Its Official,Ingram says"Apache squadrons move to one base"

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by WTZ_TWR, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Direct Link to BBC Story

    BBC News - Friday, 9 March 2007, 16:38 GMT

    Apache squadrons move to one base

    The helicopter is used for supporting forces on the ground
    All the Army's Apache attack helicopters are all to be housed at Wattisham, Suffolk, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said.
    Front-line Apache regiments are currently based at RAF Dishforth in Yorkshire as well as Wattisham.

    This summer, 656 and 664 Squadrons will move to Suffolk and two Lynx helicopter squadrons will go to Dishforth.

    Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram said Apache technical expertise could now be concentrated at one site.

    Mr Ingram said: "It has been identified that instead of the front-line Apache squadrons being based at two different locations, it would be more effective and efficient to co-locate all front line Apaches at Wattisham."

    The move will have no impact on overall job numbers at the two bases, he said.

    He added: "The interest of our military personnel and their families are very important to us and as such, the moves will be managed to ensure minimal impact on them."
  2. Right, so all the Apache crews will convert back to Lynx so they can stay at Dishforth and vice versa for the Lynx crews at Wattisham. Failing that, I suppose all those with their own houses could do swapsies.
  3. Here's a recipe!

    1. Put all your eggs in one basket.
    2. Place some of your eggs in a warm place for 6 months.
    3. Allow the warmed eggs to facilitate in the reduction of numbers of the 'brothers' of some of the produce of nearby restaurants.
    4. After 6 months swap warmed eggs for fresh and return warmed eggs to basket.
    5. Allow this to continue for the unforeseeable future.
    6. After 4 weeks from being replaced into basket, allow freshly cooled eggs to leave the basket, with no shell.
    7. In 6 weeks, contact local suppliers for more eggs.
    8. Repeat!
  4. Sid,

    Be careful with that recipe, in all seriousness I think that omlette will result in pooing like a tar-sprayers nozzle.
  5. :confused: Have we got Apaches?
  6. Hansard: Collocation of Attack Helicopters

    Collocation of Attack HelicoptersAll Written Ministerial Statements on 9 Mar 2007

    Adam Ingram (Minister of State (Armed Forces), Ministry of Defence) | Hansard source

    Following the review of the attack helicopter (AH) fielding plan, which sets out how the aircraft and its aircrew are organised and made ready for operations, to determine how best to deliver the Apache attack helicopter capability to the front line, within existing resources, I can today confirm our plans to locate all front-line Apache attack helicopter at Wattisham.

    Currently, the front-line Apache Regiments are based at Dishforth in Yorkshire and Wattisham in Suffolk, where the depth maintenance for all Apaches is undertaken. It has been identified that instead ofthe front-line Apache squadrons being based at two different locations, it would be more effective and efficient to collocate all front-line Apaches at Wattisham. This will be achieved by swapping two Apache Squadrons from Dishforth (656 Squadron and 664 Squadron Army Air Corps) with two Lynx helicopter squadrons from Wattisham (659 Squadron and 669 Squadron Army Air Corps). The move is expected to occur between June and September 2007.

    Collocation of all front-line AH at Wattisham will enable the technical expertise, logistic supply and maintenance of the aircraft to be managed more effectively, thereby improving aircraft availability. This, in turn, will lead to improvements in delivering AH capability to the front line. Collocation of three Lynx squadrons at Dishforth will yield similar benefits.

    Dishforth will revert to a similar dispositionof aircraft that it possessed prior to the introductionof Apache. It is not thought that the exchange of squadrons will materially change the environmental impact of training at Wattisham or Dishforth. It will also have no impact on civilian jobs. The existing infrastructure support arrangements at both sites will remain as they are now.

    The move will affect military personnel to the extent that those posts currently located within the affected squadrons will be relocated. This means that some personnel will transfer between the two sites, although there will be no material impact on overall service personnel numbers at either site. The interest of our military personnel and their families are very important to us and as such, the moves will be managed to ensure minimal impact on them. Most of the relocation process will take place within the normal cycle of postings. All affected personnel are being kept fully informed of the move.

    I have written to the MPs in whose constituency the move will impact.

    Finally, we are reviewing, under Programme Belvedere, our long-term requirements for military helicopter bases in the UK. No decisions have yet been made on this. Further announcements will be made to the House once the programme concludes, to inform on its findings.
  7. Don't know what's worse............Grim North or Cone Head Central. On the other hand if there are to be no more UK based helicopter bases..........You could all end up in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BELGIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind you I would be very jealous if it was somewhere nice and hot but without houndstooth headdress.