Its OFFICIAL! Gordon Brown worse than Neville Chamberlain!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Gordon Brown

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  2. Neville Chamberlain

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  3. John Major

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  4. Harold Wilson

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  5. Thatcnut Blair

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  6. Maggie

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  7. Mr W Churchill

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  8. Clement Atlee

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  9. EU

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  10. Lib Dems

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    'Big Beast' my arrse
  2. They all piss in the same pot these days.

    Whichever party/leader takes power next. We're screwed :(
  3. We have to remember he has worked hard for many years to attain this standard , however he did have Bliar as his boss to help him.
  4. I'm not sure Britain can be saved. Nor, in it's present shape, deserves to be. A clean slate might be the best way all round.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    For a truly outstanding dissection of why GB cannot survive - and does not deserve to - read Matthew Parris' article from The Times on Saturday:


    "Gordon Brown: the terrible vacuum
    The Prime Minister is disastrous, with no ideas. He may well be ousted before the next election

    Speeches are made and columns written urging the wizard to hurry up and show us his magic. But the wizard hasn't got any magic. Poor wand-less Mr Brown isn't concealing or delaying his abracadabra moment. There's nothing there: nothing to get cracking with, nothing to communicate, nothing to explain.

    I think his premiership is disintegrating. With no belief in the human at its centre I doubt the disintegration can be halted or reversed. I think this will become plain by autumn. One way or another, and very possibly before the next election, I think Mr Brown will go. "
  6. Britain can be saved, looking at the poll results a leader with a big set of balls is required (metaphorical in Maggie's sense). Seems like pro-forces PM's are favoured (no real surprise) 8O

    Which daft c*nt voted for Gordo then?? :x
  7. WTF - somebody voted for Broon :?

    God help us all if that tw@t gets in again. However there is nobody of the staure of Thatcher, Churchill or Atlee in the wings so we may all be Royally fcuked :(
  8. Neville Chamberlain for all his mistakes at appeasement did actualy steer britain through the depression. Still a smarter and better bloke than brown ever will be.
  9. I had a phone call with a colleague of mine yesterday who works closely with central govt on some quite large educational policies. He tells me that Nu Labour are in deep panic and the best they are hoping for after the next elections is a hung parliament. They don't even want to think about the May 1st local govt elections. One major education project is to be shelved, although they will re-word that as the money Broon promised has simply 'vanished' into the economic ether due to their lack of planning for world economic variables.
    I wouldn't trust them to hold a balloon, let alone office.
  10. I think you may be right. The UK is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. If the Liabour Party win again we're well stuffed and if the Tories win it'll take them years to sort out Liabours mess.

    edited to add: I see Gordon Brown is registered on arrse as he's voted for himself.
  11. Jeremy Clarkson?
  12. Not much point voting for a dead or dying former PM although I confess, Winnie would kick them up the arrse.
    Sad really, that we cant even suggest an alternative to the one eyed yellow git. I wouldn't even follow 'our leaders' out of curiosity.

    Oh and the OP missed Jeremy Clarkson off the list.

    Squiffy, you dont know how far you are from the truth..........Irony....geddit!
  13. Neville Chamberlain did, at first, mistakenly believe that Hitler could be held to his word. Munich disabused him of this and so he used the last year of peace to hastily rearm.
  14. Perhaps but with regard to preparation for a major conflict he's isn't even on the radar and I think this is where we can draw a parallel with GB. If the next WW or anything like it really is just around the corner, the UK is in a worse state to deal with it than we were in the 1920s and that is a damning indictment of this governments willingness to provided adequate security for the UK. All the money is being spent on imported Labour voters.
  15. Well it wasn't me, guv! The man's an empty vessel, making a lot of sound about 'Britishness' when he was one of the principal architects of the attempted dissolution of the Union (an attempt which may yet succeed). Blair at least had the ability to project a persona, however phoney, and to make something like the right noises at times of high drama such as Sep 01 (Iraq, perhaps, was another matter). I shudder to think how Brown would react to a real crisis - can you imagine him confronting a Hitler, or even a Galtieri? (Scargill, too, would have walked all over him.) And, whatever Parris may say about the irrelevance of psychological flaws, I find some of his mannerisms (tongue literally thrust into cheek, awkward shuffling of hands, jerks of the head etc.) downright scary. I'm not suggesting that he's mentally ill, but I do believe he's deeply insecure, for whatever reason, and the sooner we're rid of him - and the rest of the appalling tragicomedy that is New Labour - the better.