Its Official - DII is not an Unmitigated Disaster

"She conceded that major organisational restructures had affected the programme, notably the merger of the Defence Logistics Organisation and the Defence Procurement Agency into the new Defence Equipment & Support organisation."

Fingers pointed. So be warned you Andover mobsters, next time your stationary budget has some spare cash left don't use it on changing the letterheads (again) :wink:
They're quite correct, it's not an unmitigated disaster, it's a complete and utter rolling goat fcuk! :)
The particular spokeswoman in question wouldn't know a successful project if it came up and kicked her in the head!
'Rolled out' in her world seems to mean a UAD delivered to site. I wonder how many units have stores area's full of boxed up IT hardware that has suddenly turned up in the last month or so with Atlas stamped all over them?
Three letters generally spell disaster for the MOD......EDS

Surprisingly though, an awful lot of Requirements Managers from IPTs and Desk officers from Main Building leave to work for............EDS

It is no wonder then that we continue to buy the utter garbage that they can dream up. If you think that the initial contract was over budget then don't even start to enquire about how much EDS supporting contracts cost. And that isn't just for DII.

Watch this space for the next procurement of very cheap Mission Planning Systems for aircraft with hidden supporting contract costs that would worry the Sultan Of Brunei.
zxninerpilot said:
Mine hasn't been rolled out yet; it was supposed to have been here 18 months ago.

Sounds pretty successful to me!
You should just be ready for the next step by the time you receive it - DII(F).
I bet Media Ops' terminals work just fine!
If Corsham's don't work properly, Chief of defence logistics doesn't work properly.............. I wouldn't hold my breath about Media Ops, I think you'll find they are still on DII(C) :)
Hardly an unmitigated disaster - it's highly mitigated if you own shares in EDS.

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