It's official - Christians more militant than Muslims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FORMER_FYRDMAN, Jun 19, 2011.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

  2. I thought this man Philips was facing the 'elbow'. He is a mega 'arse-pain'. This fatuous quango is surely high up on the list of those for the chop. As for Christians being 'militant', the Church of England and the Synod are so supine that they present a somnolent attitude not a militant one. I wonder how long a militant Christian would survive in Riyadh? We have to put up with Muslims mincing about shouting the odds about what a dump this country is, and building mosques up the ying-yang, whilst possession of the Holy Bible in Saudi is a capital offence!!!

    As I said, Philips is a noxious twerp and should be ignored and his ludicrous 'organisation' disbanded forthwith!

    That feels better - off to church now!
  3. Christians more militant than muslims - chuckle chuckle.

    Must remember to pop into the chain mail shop and pick up my broad sword from the sharpeners on the way to church.


    But in some ways you get what deserve, if we weren't so bloody accomodating then perhaps it wouldn't be the problem that it is.

    If you've grown accustomed to people giving in to you over the last 40 or so years then it will be hard to accept that sometiems you won't get your own way, I thikn the business term is managing peoples' expectations.

    My dad spent a lot of time in the middle east and I'm sure that christians in muslim countries are under no such illusions.
  4. I fail to see how the savage behaviour of the Saudis has any bearing on how we conduct ourselves here. I don't gauge my table manners against those of my dog...
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  5. The problem is, those left wing idiots.....and Labour idiots will listen to his crap.
  6. Philips must be trying to stir up some fluff to stave off his P45.
  7. Please come back all is forgiven

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    But I can't see how stuff like this helps him do that - it'll only please Guardianistas and they're not calling the shots anymore, despite what Call me Dave is doing to counter that impression.
  9. Is that your pass-out photo tropper :)
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  10. FFS no that was when I was on holiday in Jerusalem, this is my pass off picci

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  11. "While the equalities boss promised to fight for the rights of Christians, he expressed concern that many cases were driven by fundamentalist Christians who are holding increasing sway over the mainstream churches because of the influence of African and Caribbean immigrants with "intolerant" views."

    He has a point?
  12. All fresh (ish) faced and raring to go I see
  13. I think the key part of the article was: “The intervention by the Commission comes after criticism of its £70 million annual budget, which is to be cut drastically.”

    Unfortunately, I doubt if the cut will be as drastic as it should be.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    African control of the Roman Catholic Church - any evidence for that? African control of the Church of England - no, Archbishop Williams is firmly on the liberal wing which is why Anglicans are defecting to the RCs - that pretty much covers the Christian mainstream for the UK - I doubt the Methodists are on the march, or the Wee Free-ers or the CoS.
  15. Dangerous people Christians. I know for a fact that a major part of the security services budget is devoted to monitoring Christian extremists and foiling their evil plots. Their steadfast refusal to integrate into mainstream British society has been a major problem for the last 1,500 years. Better apologise for the Crusades and witch burning while we're at it; that only happened last week....

    Somebody tell Philips to clear his desk. He outlived his usefulness the same day that he was appointed to his non job.