Its official Broon cant see further than his nose!


War Hero
It's not his fcuking eyesight that's the problem, it is his lack of intellectual capacity and his piss-poor judgement that we should be worrying about.

If he was a dog, we would be allowed to take him to the vets and have him put out of our misery...
So in 2010 just before he becomes unemployed can we expect to see extremely generous care and benefit packages for the blind?

Personally I think the incompetence is a bigger problem than the blindness.


When I first heard this I felt a little sympathy, its not something you wish on anyone.... but then I thought of the guys and gals returning from ops where they have been denied kit, money, effective compensation and a PM fit even to lick their boots and I thought 'fcuk him.'

Not my proudest moment but hey ho.

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