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Its official! Bliar is a no-hoper. Thank fcuk for that.


Book Reviewer
awwww, shame, never mind, moving on . . . . the electorate will shortly do to GB just what the EU has said to Blair.
If you believe this then the moon is made of cheese "Mr Blair had never publicly said he was in the running for the job" - despite vocal support from Mr Brown. Poor old Tony they don't like you bit like us really! :D
'Bliar IS a no-hoper?' - He always was in my mind, but sadly not in the minds of the electorate.

Thankfully we shall not have to endure the man sending 'his' Euro-Army hither and thither and neither shall we have the vomit inducing sight of photos of his awful grasping wife appearing at regular intervals in the press.

Apparently, we shall be graced by our Commissioner in Eurotroughland being anointed - no election of course - as Foreign Minister or some fatuous name to disguise the fact that Eurotroughland is not actually a nation - yet!

You don't know who our Commissioner in Eurofilthland is? Well, nor do 99.99% of the population.

To assist, I attach a photograph:


Democracy eh!? Makes you so proud to be British. No election - no referendum - no fvck-all!
How embarrassing for the grinning idiot - he thought he was oh so popular! The only down side to this is that Herman Van Rompuy is a fan of additional EU taxes.
Thank feck for that - the last thing we need is a self-obsessed, legacy-driven, vacuous, religious fanatic like Blair running for the role of King of Europe. Next thing we'd be going to war to change more non-Blair-worshipping regimes. Even a faceless bureaucrat is better than that prick.
I am very anti EU & a Brit and a Commonwealth Citizen.

As much as I dislike the EEC it's good to see that right of centre Parties in Europe hate Blair. I would imagine that the only reason he went for the job was foreign travel and to get away from waking up with Cherie. Perish the thought of having Frog Mouth next to you in the bunk in the morning. I would sooner wake up hungover with a 25 Stone RN stoker in a B&B in Portsmouth than be Tony Blair and married to that ugly moneygrabbing cnut.

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