Its official - Austerity economics doesn't work

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. Try telling em that and they'll not believe thee.
  2. Right,so an American journo (that's the place where all this shit started), trying to make a point about Politicians in his country(that's the place where all this shit started), who are thinking about pursuing an economic policy that he doesn't like, makes an observation about our economc situation,which is due in no small part,to the lack of control over banking practices in his country (that's the place where all this shit started),and thinks people in this country,should actually give a **** for his opinion.

    Bit of a non-story,if you ask me!

    Off to bed now,that long sentence took it out of me! :sleepy:
  3. I'm more inclined to agree with the reposte of Darcyblaze in the comments section of that article ................ [except for the discovery of oil during Brown's tenure]
  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It's all a plot, I tells ye.

    The euro crisis means he's got to wait.

    The Vulcan bomber is on the runway coughing and farting with all that Greek kerosene. The pilot knows that some better fuel is on the way (fingers and toes crossed) but he's standing on the brakes because there's an election due in 2015. He can't let go now, because the electorate will spend it all on beer and vote elsewhere.

    So, he stands on the brakes until nearer the day and lets enough good news out (but not too much) in 2 years' time.

    (That or it really is just a cock-up.)
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  5. And,the comments by cognoscenti!
  6. Erm, you did see the UK employment figures yesterday didn't you?

    UK employment hits record levels -

    employment rose to its highest level since records began in 1971.

    Private sector job creation continued to outstrip public sector losses. Employment in the public sector fell for the 12th consecutive quarter, by 24,000 to 5.75m, the lowest since 2002. The private sector was up 65,000 at 23.9m, the highest since records began in 1999.
    Employment in local government fell by 32,000 to 2.56m, the lowest on record, while the civil service was down 3,000 to a record low of 455,000.

    professional, scientific and technical jobs have risen by 131,000, or 5.4 per cent, while hotels, bars and restaurants are up 130,000 (6.5 per cent) and manufacturing up 76,000 (3 per cent).

    Clearly this austerity is a ******* disaster!
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    they pander to the god of finance thinking it makes them look better, probably got more to do with which shares the politicos have.

    they could have forced the banks to extend low interest mortgages for another 20 years or forced them to become giant social landlords to head off the sub prime stuff - and still made money, just a little slower then before.

    if they had pumped money into the public instead of the banks then the public would have paid down their debts thus reducing the banks risks and also profits. those that didn't need to pay off negative equity or credit cards could then go out and buy stuff. fiat money is easy when we can print as much as we want and more and more economists are suggesting it.

    banks aren't lending to business because the BOE is letting them have it so cheap, up the BOE rates and they have to seek profit from business loans. apparently.

    they could have slowed down the collapse if they had put a plan into action soon enough just like the euro crisis though they only patched and patched and patched then wondered why it didn't work.

  8. See,now you've burst his little 'colonial' bubble,you limey git! :meditate:
  9. Maybe that article should be posted to M Hollande, care of the Socialist Republic of France. I believe he's changed his mind recently.
  10. Fixed for you at a very agreeable rate..

    Much as I don't like the tosser, he occasionally chucks out words of wisdom (the dry cleaners anecdote);

    Success? It’s down to you all the way: Lord Sugar - Telegraph