Its Not What You Do Its When You Do It.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by greenmachine, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. Im sick and tired of everybody only grafting in and around the garages only when they see a senior coming . all people care about is (Face Time) and there are too many brown noses. What ever happened to working together all the time and going out on the piss as mates. Ok in some factors it works we had a guy in for five months straight from Blandford , doesnt know his trade and isnt particularly fit but put in some face time with The OC on Adventure Training and Bingo straight off the shadow promotion board . what ever happened to us hard working soles who do all the courses and never seem to get recognition for it.
  2. Yawn...

    Heard it all before, and we wonder why the rest of the army think we are a bunch of schimfing fatherless.
  3. Do you get filled in a lot?
  4. Probably get missed for promotion because you can't grasp the basics of military stuff like saluting officers (see RAF Officer thread).
  5. Perhaps you should try going adventure training with your OC? He might get to know you a little better and be able to write more than "Mr Green Machine does his job but apart from that he does not contribute anything to my Squadron"

    And the title of this thread is wrong. It is what you do and the way that you do it that counts....
  6. It would be so easy to go on for hours about this so ill limit my reply...

    Would you rather be at your current rank (im guessing signaller) with dignity or a brown nosing arrse kissing lance jack who everybody hates????

    The lads know who works and who doesn't and thats why brown noses are usually hated in the sqn.

    So in summary...

    Don't laugh at your OC's jokes (cos they're never funny)


    p.s Im going to stop now before someone finds out who i am and charges me

  7. Whilst there is undoubtedly considerable dignity in being a Signaller, there is an equal amount in being a Lance Corporal or even, god forbid, a Corporal.

    Suggest some pers on this thread need to grow up.
  8. i think i failed to put my point across correctly. Obviously you dont turn into a d1ck when you get lance jack/full screw all i was saying was is it worth degrading yourself to a brown nose arrse kissing level to get promoted? my answer is no which is prolly why ill be a career siggy.

    Of course in an ideal world it would be what you know not who you know but thats never going to happen

  9. One thing you have to realise is that being good at your trade doesn't mean you are going to get promoted. Your trade capabilities and soldier skills are a given. You are supposed to be good at them it is what you do above and beyond this that counts.

    Perhaps if you start doing more things outside of the garages you will get promoted. The lad you are on about went on Adv Trg (with or without the OC), what have you done? I don't mean some trade courses, I mean what have you done to show the OC that you are worthy of being the next rank up?

    If you have done some courses in the equipment, why not organise a lesson? Yes you may get people (i.e. your peers) whinging because they don't want to do it, etc. But this shows the OC that you are cabable of instructing, thus you may get put on a DIT (if you haven't got one). Start pushing yourself forwards as a good candidate for the next board.
  10. people nailed that one on the head ...... suggest however you are you take a trip too the training wing and sort your life out dude
  11. I can see where greenmachine is coming from on this, it does happen, and I must admit it is something I have seen more than a few times in the last few years. The problem I see is that too many very promising JNCO's get overlooked not because their overall performance is lacking, but because they would not know how to or do not want to self promote themselves. Personally I find it can be quite an endearing characteristic, it shows a degree of modesty, something that is so often confused with lack of confidence and ambition.

    It is an accepted fact that it is up to us all to prove ourselves to our superiors, but equally I believe it up to the reporting chain to consider all aspects of a soldiers character.
  12. KA

    Whilst what you say may be true and in an ideal world would be the way of things, it is not so. If pers want to get promoted, they have to be seen, simple fact. Furthermore, I would counter that those who are in the limelight due to organising something extra-curricular etc should not be seen as thrusters (although some will undoubtedly be so) but more those who are demonstrating the initiative and wherewithall one would expect of a higher rank. Trust me, that is how the chain of command see it.


    PS - Don't worry Offrs and SNCOs have to jump through just as many hoops - such is the way.
  13. I understand your point of view, but it should be taken on board that many soldiers are not yet the finished article, I think some of us forget what we were like when we were younger ( shudders involuntarily due to involuntary flashback! )

    Surely we should promote the best, not just the ones who tick all the boxes?
  14. So what happenes when you dont 'tape it' get an A2 after doing a lance jacks job for 6 months and still dont come off? I think we need to bring the 'promotion lottery' aspect into this dscussion as well

    SIG Bauer
  15. Hey arrsehole, you don't have to "degrade yourself to a brown nose arrse kissing level" to get promoted at all. Haven't you heard about the good old fashioned standards of working hard, being a good lad, cut the shimfing and acting like a soldier? That will get you promoted. Simply feeling that everyone else higher up than you must be arrse-kissers is a pathetic excuse for your own shortcomings. Grow up and get with the programme, you loser.