Its not that bad being a soldier...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Forks, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. It's not.
  2. Sorry to hear you feel that way matey.

    All the respect to ya for doing a job worth doing & it's a shame a minority are making you feel like that.

    On the other hand, it could be just the town your stationed at? Squaddies tend to party hard if you know what I mean so maybe it's just a public pre-conception in that town (squaddies peeing on each other for giggles, nicking stuff for trophies to stick around the mess rooms).

    If you can hack the Army for another year stick it out an hit up the OU for extra qualifications cos Civvie street is a f**king joke at the mo.
  3. How long until someone quotes a certain poem? by a bloke that makes cakes on the side
  4. Christ Alive, 110 views and the only words of encouragement to a man on the low is that sh't reply there.

    F**king hope the Andrew has more team spirit and comraderie than this when I go for basic.
  5. Look at the positive. 110 views and he hasn't been flamed.

    Bit difficult to motivate people through the medium of an internet forum.
  6. Then quite simply maybe I am not the man I set out to be.
  7. Oooh hark at her!
    Dont like it? Dont post here the OP has been around long enough to know what it's like on this board
  8. Forks, I'd like to say I sympathise with you but the time I done was a pretty quiet time, only NI to worry about, so I have no idea what you are going through. I do agree that the public MAINLY only seem to remember the forces on certain days of the year. Squaddies have always had a hard time getting into certain establishments, mainlty due to the play hard scenario Slick_Rick mentions, so it's nothing new. Stay with the job, mate, life will get better and your Army mates will be the ones that stay with you for most of your life.
  9. Was that a Beatles song? look everybody has a period where they hate their job so look to transfer do a course or get out to BFG and spend your days in a drunken blur boning Fat Boxheads. You will hate civvy street the grass isn't greener and if i've been WAH'ed your a cnut
  10. A lot of unposted views will be people like me. Non-serving student types who don't know what to say because we're not in yet and are very aware that we know fúck all.

    Nonetheless, I hope things pick up for you. The people might not appreciate you all the time, but their lives are dependent on the existence of the armed forces so don't let the farm-animals get you down - they can't even see past the bloody fence.
  11. :(
    *goes to sit on the naughty chair*
  12. Good post.

    But far too sensible.

    Get back to the pub/Students Union Bar and keep chaisng the talent. Alternatively, switch off arrse and get studying.

    You're a student walt. I couldn't have said anything remotely as sensible when I was a student.

    I still can't TBH.


    You've had good advice so far Forks.

    No one has said "Don't post when pisshed" though. :D

    We've all done it.
  13. Walts!? We're not walts! I believe the politically correct term for us studenty types is instead "lazy scrounging layabout assf***ers", we like it when you call us that in street... :D

    Also forks, any civvy stupid enough not to realise what a great job the forces do isn't smart enough to be worth your time.

    (reads mong girls thread) Edit- OK well maybe you could trick em or something in that case....
  14. "Oh great, the public will clap us when we march through the town on an armed forces day, but do they really want us?"

    Of course they won't, they don't like to be reminded of what they could have been, yet never tried.

    "Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea." (Samuel Johnson)

    Just remind yourself that you are what they wanted to be and that their apparent contempt and mockery is born of shame and self-loathing.

    Failing that, gin works quite well for me.
  15. Trust me I got out last year and its definataly NOT better in civiy street, you still get associated with been a squaddie but to add to it they think you got out cos you couldn't hack it anymore no matter what you say.
    You just need to ride out the rough patch and stick with it.