Its not quite an Apache, but...

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Vegetius, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. ... fifty grand a year flying India 99 doesn't sound like a bad whack to me. Met seeks helo pilots:

  2. I'll do it!

    Do they provide training?

    is there a tenure?
  3. I was once going to apply for the Air Observers job (he's the cop passenger...ahem...operator) until I saw that you have to be no more than twelve stone. As I tucked into my third bacon sandwich of the morning I supposed that it wasn't the job for me.

  4. The Met is one of the better paying flying jobs. Anyone with twin squirrel time and a back pocket with a spare ATPL or CPL? ;)
  5. i was once going to apply for the Air Observers job (he's the cop passenger...ahem...operator) Dont you have to do two years Police time first or is it a direct entry job now days
  6. Direct empoyment by the police Authority a sort of civil service jobber. Ah now that was what the jockeys wanted up narf, freedom from the airframe supplier.
    Cost one company a sale.
  7. 50k........????

    You're avin a larrf mate.

    I wouldn't get out of bed for that. LOL.
  8. Yeah, you've got to have done your probation. Competition for it, as you can imagine, is fierce. Lots of walting around in black flightsuits and wearing Ray-Bans. Because of the weight restrictions you find a fair number of females doing it.

    When I joined I think all the pilots were on contract from British Caledonian. Which dates me somewhat. I was at Hendon with an ex-AAC Lynx pilot who seemed to me to be barking up the wrong tree, and as a police officer he wasn't allowed to be a pilot in The Job anyway.

    I once met a Californian Highway Patrol helo pilot. They have sworn officers as pilots but they pay for there own flight training and then apply for a post. Crazy.

  9. 50k sounds good. Do you have to be a pilot though?
  10. The air ambulance crew in florida are drawn from police force so have shoulder holsters and raybans :) . Though force landing in the wrong part of
    florida they might need them .Why couldnt they buy an airship at least it would be quiet .
  11. Most Police Observers have a lot more than 2 years service before they become observers. Some (not sure about the Met) do Cranwell beforehand. All go through some sort of selection process and being ex mil aircrew is no guarantee of selection. A few forces now have civilian observers but I believe these were all existing Police Civilian staff who applied for an observers post in the same way that a police officer would.

    £50 K is top money for a UK Police line pilot, and the EC 145 will be your future chariot.