Its not new

In fact I've done it before but it was years ago and there might be some new ones!

Face like a ....
Fanny like a ....

To get it rolling

Face like a bucket of slapped twats.
Fanny like a yawning hippo.

Carry on.
Face like a dog chewing wasps.

Fanny like a ripped-out fireplace.
face like dales fanny

fanny like dales face
Face like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle.
Face like a smashed crab

Fanny like half a pound of chopped liver
Face like a slapped ARRSE.
Fanny (that smells) like a kippers cnut.
Fanny like a dead badger with the guts hanging out.

Face like its been set on fire & put out with a shovel.
Just to mutate the thread a little :p

Body by Playboy, face by Playdough.

My take on the old Body by Baywatch, face by Crime watch effort.

Sent from my iPhone using ARRSE app with my weiner fingers.
Face like a blind cobblers thumb (old school - are there cobblers anymore - "yeah - your post dixie-basher hahahahahah)

Fanny like a black cat with its throat cut.

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