It's not just us.......

The "60 Minutes" story was backed up by a congressional General Accounting Office report blistering the top brass for rushing our troops into harm's way without doing their sworn duty: making sure they were good to go. It seems their precious deployment timetable is more important than their grunts, who might soon be dispatched into a potentially poisonous caldron – to destroy Iraq's chemical and biological weapons – without the right gear.

Although the Pentagon brass were too into escape-and-evade tactics to find the time to do an on-camera interview with Mike Wallace, a senior congressional aide, speaking off the record, said: "While of course I'm not able to disclose anything 'classified,' you should know your story is absolutely on-target. The classified facts regarding our preparedness for chemical or biological warfare are a lot worse than '60 Minutes' reported."

Looks like an ISO container full of surplus NBC suits then.

Just out of interest, I know the published shelf life of the suit-protective-NBC , but if it's sealed etc, then for how long after the shelf life out-of-date, can it still be regarded as up to the job?
Unfortunately Line bloke, that would not appear to be the case as a load of stuff wehave to go out there has just been declared fit, notwithstanding 'best-before'.

But as I've said before, Madass says he hasn't got any so we should all be okay!
I was wondering about that DM, and how long any equipment shortfall, would have the date stamps moved, et voila , we have the equipment....

I only ask, because I know where there are 25,000 NBC ensembles (Desert) still sealed. Gloves and Inners too, but no S10's...... Now those I could sell all day every day :)


War Hero

Am happy to be told otherwise, as i won't be wearing it or using it.  

I have been given to understand that the shelf life was a max 1-2 years after best before date, after which point the charcoal etc becomes too degraded!! to be fully effective - the suits would still give you about 30 mins in an NBC environment (Which when you think about it aint long at all :()

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