Its no skin off my nose

I'll tell you WHO agrees.

I fcuking don't.
The whole story is ripe with double entendres! Just the headline - WHO agrees HIV circumcision plan ... Who indeed? I wouldn't!


Rats, Mistersoft beat me to it...
WHO are as bad as THEY.

Or so THEY say but WHO gives a fcuk.
I remember staggering out of bed one morning last year,switching the goggle box on,and seeing on the news ticker that 'The Who makes statement on bird flu' I thought to myself, what the fcuk do Townsend and Co know about pandemics?
Catherine Hankins ain't that much better a name. Far too much like rhyming slang, for my money. Snipping your pickle seems like a hell of a way to lower your risk. Why not just w*nk, instead?
That's got to be a wah!

Kevin de COCK, talking on circumcision........come on!!!!
There has got to be a joke about nose's, circumcision, and Jews somewhere here, if I were only a little funnier...

Just a little news snippet I suppose.

I would say more but good job I pulled back in time.
Maybe you'll be able to get more inspiration from the news clippings
Deborah Jack, chief executive of the National AIDS Trust, said: "These recommendations address many of the benefits of including male circumcision in a comprehensive HIV prevention package.
Jack could be onto something here.

Or is Jack off?
Male circumcision in Uganda (I think) was shown to be a major contributing factor to the reduction in HIV spread in at-risk groups.

That's not to say, however, that anyone's getting hold of mine.
It has been shown that it reduces the chances of catching a range of STI. Cells in the forskin are ver good at absorbing bactiera and dead cells etc.

Failing that just go in armoured like the rest of us. Filthy begger.
I think there's a long way to go before anyone should rely on green tea to protect against HIV infection.
Plus it's a real sod trying to balance the leaves on your bell end.
mistersoft said:
I think there's a long way to go before anyone should rely on green tea to protect against HIV infection.
Only if you use it as a lubricant before it's cooled down...


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