It's never clever to tweak the tail of the Tiger!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by postman_twit, May 23, 2011.

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  1. rampant

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    Oh dear, Aircraft Identification 101: fail
  2. The BBC web services do seem to use second and third division journos with abundance.

    Or am I being too disparaging of secon and third divisions around the world?
  3. 'Are you in Pakistan? Did you witness the attack? Send us your comments and experiences using the form below' That suggests that they're taking reports from any old Mohammed, Iqbal and Suleiman.
  4. they've been doing that for years, they don't publish such comments without stating their origin.
  5. Read up on the Red Mosque siege and surrounding events. Not the first time.
  6. Welcome to the most uncomfortable 'threesome' since Michael Barrymore, a guest and a swimming pool.

    The USA needs Pakistan, to support it's venture in Afghanistan, and to keep an eye on the loons in Tehran, but doesn't like or trust them. (Can't think why.)

    The Pakistanis despises the American infidels but is reliant on them for shitloads of cash to fight their own home grown Islamic loons, and foreign aid since the series of natural disasters that have trashed the place. They would cheerfully bin the US connection, and sign up with China, apart from the fact that the Indians would then be Washington's bestest mates, and the Pakistani elite are utterly terrified of India just walking in.

    The Chinese have spent a lot of money in Pakistan (Look up the Karakoram Highway) but mostly as a counterweight to India, and a wedge to stop the US getting too firmly established in Central Asia. They also have a small Islamic insurgency, and, (as far as I can see), view the hairy Mecca tourists as some form of primitive subhumans that you have to tolerate if you want to access their roads, ports and resources. I think that they would sooner deal with the USA, if only because they currently own most of the USA's deficit.

    I don't see China being too worried. This is an internal scuffle in one of their client states. Even if the wild men of the Pakistani Taliban do succeed in taking the country over, they would still have to deal with a looming India and a USA even more likely to bomb the place back beyond the Stone Age, and almost back to the Jurassic.

    So, if you are a demented Bronze Age religious bigot, in charge of a new Islamofascist Pakistan, when the forces of the Great Satan start locking on to you, and you need a friend- 'Who ya gonna call?'- Ghostbusters?, or the Chinese Embassy?

    China can sit this one out. As the patron saint of non-democratic ghastly regimes worldwide, they are the only point of call for 'dictators in crisis'. Aid given, no awkward questions asked.
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  7. 1. Revenge attack? So If he was still at large the attack would not have happened?

    2. China has a million replacements and a clear national interest. Break their Rare Earth monopoly and we might be talking repercussions.

  8. Just finished reading 'You went to far this time, Sir!' which is a freebie book avilable on Kindle and I expect other formats. The guy cycled from UK to India via China and Pakistan (and Uzbeckistan and a bunch of other places) and backs up Hectors comments re the road building etc in Pakistan with first hand witness stuff. He went through the tribal areas just as Pakistan launched their offensive vs Terry and co.

    Worth a read for a westeners ground level viewpoint of various places now hard to get to. Warning:- He makes one throwaway comment about British imperialism and the FI which may make some ARRSERS blood boil but its only the one comment.
  9. HHH

    HHH LE

    11 Chinese aviation trainers. Emm, I wonder if they were looking at parts of a crashed helicopter?
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  10. China's already broken its own monopoly on rare earths. Reserving the bulk of production for domestic industry in the first place; and whopping loans to other producers to ramp up their mining industries in the second.

    Their economy's increasingly turning away from relying on primary industries. They need to keep the global economy as stable as possible to keep their own plans on track which means they need others to take up the slack. This means places like Pakistan get heaps of spondulicks for whatever infrastructure they haven't yet built off their own backs.