Its my thyroid problem,innit? Part 583

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. So in San Francisco a doctor cannot advise a lardarse to lose weight for fear of being labelled "fat-ist"? :roll:
  2. I saw this on TV this morning and decided it wasn't good for my health as my blood pressure went through the roof.

    Screaming "Its YOUR choice you fat bastards" at the TV didnt really help.

    Its a bloody joke.
  3. Another campaigner, Marsha Coupe, said: "I have had beer thrown in my face... "

    Yeah beer 'thrown' into your face... rrriight...
  4. Quote
    Attacking someone for being fat should be a hate crime, campaigners say.

    F8ckin right it's a hate crime! Fat b*stards, I hate 'em!
  5. Marsha Coupe went on to say "It wasn't just beer either, no, then they started throwing crisps and lard and kebabs and pork ch..anum,num,num,num, hic, burp,fart!"
  6. So being cudly and Welsh I must be in line for a vast amount of compo
  7. I think this is quite cunning - don't tell the fatty that their size is leading to heart problems and other ailments, and hope the chubby cnuts drop dead sooner.

  8. Did you really want to use that terminoligy? Maybe you did, just think of all the "chicken and pasta" and mmmmmmm, "fruit dumplings in butterscotch" :puker:
  9. If someone could just forward this to my management maybes I wont have to go to health club/fat club/well mans clinic/ the RI/the physio and I could actually get some work done.
    This doesnt help us pleasantly plump (ok ok lard arrses) in the slightest it just gives the usual mongs more ammo ffs, and as for throwing beer, pffffftttt I bet you caught it all though did'nt you.
    If you could just drop my compo into the H4H pot then that will make up for the years of discrimination.
  10. So presumably when I comment

    "Now't wrong with a fat lass and I should know I've had a few" (Both of which statements are true) am I being "Thinnist" and am going to get sue by some annorexic stick insect with all the sex appeal of a xylophone?
  11. I take it this is one of those 'Do as I say, not as I do' situations!

    Well thats good news, as another recent report suggested less than half of them were sufficiently bullied, Some swift action must have been taken in light of that one! :)
  12. I have got a thyroid and I am not fat. Can I claim compensation as I am now a minority and therefore disadvantaged? Ok the old thyroid is not causing any problems but when has that ever stopped the disillusioned bar stewards from not taking any personal responsibility! In fact I want compensation for being told to take personal responsibility when I would have been better off just blaming someone else and being compensated for any self induced problems!!
  13. Was she attending an ARRSE night out??
  14. I thought it already was. :roll:

    Silly fat person.