It's will you?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by teacherinheelz, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. I first heard about Movember about 4 years ago.

    The time of year where men learn about their prostates and try to wear a moustache. Apparently half of men do not know where their prostate is.

    So will you be sporting a Tom Selleck? I must admit some men seem to have problems growing one, but hey they give it a go during Movember. If you are ... Good Luck in your month of moustache growing and wear it bold and proud.
  2. Shove it up your arse.
  3. Yep a Digital Rectal Examination is one way of diagnosis. You got it right there.
  4. So people with prostate problems see their GP. It's another charity scam earnings £millions for the few.
  5. My wife has started hers.
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  6. I'll try my best because I'm a laaaadddyyy
  7. I'm a curly haired cheeky Scouse chappie. I was born with a mahoosive 'tache. No requirement for Mo'anymonth.
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  8. Do you wax it up? or wear it any particular way?
  9. Unless you work in 70's German porn films - fuck right off!
  10. If I shaved your clunge on Nov 1 how much would be there by the end of the month ?
  11. I'm going for it, it's the only time of year you can wonder round with a proper Tom Selleck tash and have an excuse!
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  12. Fixed EDM
  13. I am incapabale of growing a moustache within a month.

    I will happily attempt to my finger up my arse, though.
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  14. Tend toward the Sancho Panza (Lee Van Cleef when it needs to be tidied for work). But by inclination, Bandido all the way.

    Waxing? I'm scaaarse, not Dutch or Brazilian!
  15. Never knew there was so many different ways to wear one. Well you know a bit of product in the moustache might make it more dashing?