It's more than 4 battalions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by atrh, Jul 22, 2004.

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that it's not just 4 battalions that are being scrapped. We are re-organising into LARGE REGIMENTS (ideally, it seems, LARGE/LARGE Regiments).

    So as an example no longer
    1 PWO, 1 GH, 1 DWR

    It will be 1st Bn The Yorkshire Regiment, 2nd Bn The Yorkshire Regiment, 3rd Bn The Yorkshire Regiment.

    I have said elsewhere that this makes sense, but starting the, "Not my regiment over my dead body" argument will just allow us to be merged without making it work how we want.

    We should be explaining that this change makes life easier for us in the long term, but that the cuts, especially without reductions in commitments, will make life extremely painful now.

    I was also glad to see that the Guards have been encouraged to adopt the LARGE/LARGE approach - but I still cannot see 1st Battalion The Guards Regiment just yet....
  2. Heard a whisper that the feeling in 1 GH, the senior unamalgamated English regiment, was to do the honourable thing and disband.
  3. Agreed. There's a certain logic. Bit like pi$$ing against the wind.
  4. Or cutting your nose off to spite your face :-S
  5. Couple of Regiments did the disband rather than amalgamate thing during the big changes when the large regiments were formed in the late 60s, but then who remembers the Cameronians or The York and Lancasters nowadays any more than the dozens of regiments that went into the Queens, Anglians, RRF or LI?
    May be an honourable thing to do but since when did TCH understand that sort of thing …....after all hes a politician!
  6. You'd be surprised how many people remember the cameronians north of the border...
  7. So, the plan now will be to have:
    1st Bn Blankshire Regiment (The North Blankshires)
    2nd Bn Blamkshire Regiment (The Royal Blankshires)
    If you see what I'm driving at?
    Will it basically be the "old-Regiments'-names-in-brackets" system?
  8. He'd be surprised how many people outside the UK remember the Cameronians 'north of the border'...

    Not to mention the Seaforth Highlanders, the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, the Gordon Highlanders, the Highland Light Infantry.......

    He'd be surprised how many people never mention the 'English' units....
  9. 'You'd be surprised how many people remember the cameronians north of the border'

    And they certainly remembered them in in MINDEN, post the Second Battle of.
    The original 'Poisoned Dwarfs'.
  10. I do, My grandfather was the TARA before he retired.
  11. LI = Durham Light Infantry, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Kings Shropshire Light Infantry, Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry (a 1958 amalgamation of Somerset Light Infantry and Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry).

    Many many people do remeber the old county regiments. The LI were lucky with their amalgations because of the close links with each other. It is going to be much more difficult to mold the DWR, PWO and GREEN HOWARDS together.
  12. Not exactly
    Home based Bn (if it survives) will probably the
    PWO Bn The Yorkshire Regt based in Catterick, Yorks, GH Bn or DWR in Southern England and one in Germany.
    These would be permanent locations, soldiers/officers changing cap badge on posting.

    Plus you would have a East & West Riding volunteer Bn with a LI capbadged Coy, the TA situation is unclear. The TA element maybe the only part of the regts to adopt a single capbadge (probably the old Yorks Vols badge).
  13. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Or any permutation thereof. 8 score draws and you win the jackpot.
  14. I cannot believe that we will have 3 Bns and every time we trickle post soldiers will change capbadge, rank slides, DZ patches, belts, mess kit, No2 dress, buttons, canes, pace sticks... need I go on?
    The ONLY way that could work is three Bns all the same, with perhaps some distinction made with colours or traditions.
  15. Exactamundo, you might get a lanyard, if you are lucky.