Its Molly, not Misbah

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lucky_Jim, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. Reading today’s news made me think of one or two things.

    First, a Pakistan court has ruled that Molly Campbell (note, not Misbah or whatever name she’d adopted) should be returned to the UK. Fair enough I suppose, she was only 12 when she was taken out of the UK and away from her legally-appointed guardian, i.e. her mother, who is apparently a perfectly fit parent and doesn’t deserve to lose her daughter. No argument there.

    Yet why are some news sources such as the BBC text calling her Misbah when it’s only a name that an obviously fixated 12 year old has chosen to adopt (albeit perhaps with some help from others), rather than her legal name?

    After all, if we look back at that man Barry George (the one who was convicted of killing Jill Dando) he’d actually changed his name to Bolsara, Freddy Mercury’s birth surname, quite legally and above board well before Ms Dando’s sad demise. Therefore why should the press be allowed to strip him of a perfectly legal name change whilst allowing this child to call herself whatever she wants?

    Just a thought.
  2. Just as a point of clarification, she is being returned to the UK not to stay permanently in the UK but for the Scottish courts which granted her mother custody to review the case. They could still give custody to the father.

  3. Agreed sounds like a Hague ruling whereby the child is returned by the courts to the parent with custody in the country where they are living. It is then for the other parent to make their own custody application through the courts, which as Peter says could lead to her being returned to Pakistan.

    There were a few incidents of these happening with soldiers partners who were German/Polish/Canadian etc taking children away. Although it is pretty rare, there is a group in UK who can offer help and advice(link here:

    They were very helpful when I had to get some info for my guys.

    As for calling her Misbah, as far as I'm concerned her name is Molly and the media are pandering to the PC brigade.
  4. If she wants to be called Misbah, then what ever you feel is of very little consequence to her, and at the end of the day she is the person who matters most in this.

  5. I have to agree, surely if the child want to live with ther Father and adopt their traditions then fair play and i hope it goes that way for her if that is what she wants. I can see her mothers house being a happy one if the child doesn't want to stay, yet she is forced to!

    It does seem a bit weird that the children, when they are old enough to speak out, what to go and live with their dad rather than the mother and her partner, I'm guessing there is a lot more to this that what we read in the press!
  6. I believe the mother's custody of the lass has only ever been temporary, and the child left of her own volition.

    The Pakistan court ruling is a pleasant surprise, but I suspect that the Scottish Court may well decide that a child with siblings & wealthy family (by her own choice) is a better option than with mother who seems to have other issues and where the girl gets abuse from neighbours.

    Shame when all this happens, anyone taking sides on national or religious lines are winding themselves up unnecessarily. In the end I suspect the girl's wishes on location & name will hold sway.
  7. Well of course, I mean letting your 12 year old call herself by any name she wants is fine. :roll:
  8. A lot depends on how appropriate it is and how much you oone love the child and two wish to both respect them and in return gain their respect. All quite important in custody cases. The child is neither parents 'property'.

  9. oldbaldy

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    I don't believe here surname is Campbell either. Her mother look the name of her new partner, Kenny Campbell but Mishba (Molly) prefers the name of her father, Sajad Ahmed Rana.
    So is it that the press are trying to influence things by giving her a new name?

    It would appear the stepfather is not exactly a paragon of virtue:

  10. I suppose the name on her birth certificate should be the one used, unless it has been legally changed by adoption etc.

    Mind you arguing about what the press should call her is pointless as they print whatever suits them.

  11. Hiya,
    As a member of the aforementioned press who travelled to Lahore to meet Misbah and cover the story, it might help you to know that her name really is Misbah and that is not her invention or PC pandering on the press's behalf. She was born Misbah Iram Ahmed Rana but her nickname amongst the family was Molly. Her mother was born Louise Fairlie, she took the name Shazia Ahmed Rana when she converted to Islam but when she divorced her husband she went back to Fairlie before assuming the name Campbell. She and her new partner Kenny Campbell have never married, nor has Mr Campbell adopted Misbah, nor does the child like him. Her mother told her her new name is Campbell, if the child baulks against this, doesn't she have every right to?
  12. So mintymcginty shows once again just how much crap an awful lot of people posting here spout and how many people have to have their say even though they know diddly-squat about the subject matter they are posting.

    Reminds me of the recent case where the young lady in navy uniform was "thrown out" of Safeways (or wherever).

    A shame really. A forum like this could wield a considerable amount of power but this is undermined because all anyone really has to do is read a couple of the threads to see what a bunch of Richard Headleys some of the posters are.

    Many of the threads on ARRSE are remarkably informative and contain well-considered posts from well-informed people.

    Threads like this, on the other hand, do nothing other than give a bad impression of the value of the site. A lot of the posters would be well advised to follow the old maxim: If you've got nothing to say, say nothing!
  13. On a side note, under Scots law a child over the age of 14 has the right to make a statement in writing of their wishes to a custody hearing. While this isn't a guarantee that they'll get their way, it has to be taken into account and their ought to be genuine welfare issues to overrule it.

    I can honestly say that what I've seen leads me to believe that she'd be better off with her father in Lahore. After all, they seem fairly affluent, her older sisters are well-adjusted and content, and they're concerned enough to come all this way to help her get away from the stepfather.

    Incidentally, when I first heard of this story, my thoughts were, "Sh*t, not another arranged marriage". Lesson learned: mustn't be such a bigotted nob in future.
  14. Feck off you kn0b!

    How do you know that mintymcginty is what they say they are, not doing mintymcginty down but I could state the same credentials with an opposing view. My point being this site is a RUMOUR site, a place for people to say what they think, with the understanding they can be shot down, corrected or (sometimes) agreed with. Its a discussion forum not the official army website!

    However i do believe mintymcginty is authentic as it takes guts to own to being a journo on here!