Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lipstik, Sep 29, 2003.

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  2. Happy birthday you old trout, and you dont look a day over 55 :D
  3. Happy Birthday babes, have a nice time xxx

  4. Gunny, give yourself a sound dressing down

    That was polite, kind, sweet, thoughtful, nice AND COMPLETELY OUT OF PLACE AND FURTHER MORE OUT OF CHARACHTER>

    Please amend and insert some profanities or at least make reference to her breats :D
  5. Happy Birthday Lifesaver!!!

    And in keeping with MDN's reequirments for posting to this thread, you have beautifil breasts. :D

  6. Soz. Must be my hangover.

    Happy Birthday babes, have a nice time xxx (and can I suck yer tits??)
  7. I'm trying. Lordy, I'm not well.
  8. No matter mate, you got there in the end
  9. Happy Birthday sweetheart, and Gunny can't suck two at once,can I suck the other one? :oops:
  10. She only has one :D

    But its a great big one in the middle :D
  11. Thanks for putting me right on that one MDN but you've shattered my illusions :(

  12. Happy Birthday Lifey! :D

    from all at the pensions office :)
  13. Happy birthday mate

    How you doing for the Birthday Bonk? :D
  14. Happy birthday to you, :D
    Happy birthday to you, :D
    Happy birthday dear Lifey, :D
    Happy birthday to you. :D

    Go on, blow out the candles!!!!!