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Its Life, But Not As We Know It!

Oh, No, Mr. Bill!

Matt Damon - he of the Bourne flicks has just signed on to play Capt. Kirk!!.. yup.. the Mattster will be waltzing about Star Fleet Academy playing Kirk as a Cadet Cutup in a new film showing off his younger, badder self before he landed the choice slot as Captain of the USS Enterprise..
No word on who gets to play Spock and, of course, no end to speculation as to the totties' casting - who get to flash thier booties ol' Jimmy Kirk's way after ' lights out ' are called in the dorms...

whole thing is being scribbled by some hack named JJ Abrams who penned some cinema masterpeice which apparently made a studio a sh&tload of cash of late giving him a say on who gets to play who...

plase, just send in the Borg and get it over with...

hmmm. remind me to tell you about my dinner with Bill hisself, one day...sadly, no film at 11...
From what I've seen about this, it was reported by the SCUM. Bound to be true then.

And never mind Spock, which bumbling American/Canadian hack are they going to get to play Scottie? Or will they do they're usual trick and pick a Kiwi/Aussie/Oirish actor?

Although saying that I've a report saying Jesse Spencer from House (or Billy from Neighbours) was a front runner for Kirk.

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