Its lamour: one in five Britons would rather be French

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So,what would you rather be?

  • British, but I want to be French!

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  • British, and I intend to stay that way!

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  • French, but I want to be British!

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  • French, and I intend to stay that way!

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  • Neither British or French, bunch of wasters!

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It's l'amour: one in five Britons would rather be French
Daily Telegraph Link
The British have a reputation for having a national superiority complex. Yet more than a fifth of us are hiding a shameful truth: we would actually prefer to be French.

Wooed either by a better climate, a more efficient health service, or simply the greater availability of cheap alcohol, the English have long seen France as the perfect retirement destination.

However, a survey of more than 1,000 people aged under 50 suggests that the young are equally dazzled by the Gallic way of life.

Twenty-two per cent would prefer to have been born in France, while 32 per cent would prefer to live there.

"Many people are seeking a better, more relaxed way of life, and they see that in France," said Nick Wall, the editor of France magazine.

"Couple that with the fact that French football stars such as Thierry Henry have had a tremendous influence on how we now view the French, and all things French have become even more attractive."
Viva la france! J'aime la France, I support the national football team, and I am descended from French blood (albeit kinda a long time ago).

I guess I would have preferred to be French, but too late to change now and I am happy being what I am.
oh no they wouldn't............I've lived with them for 25 years
great country, only one thing wrong, the natives
I guess those who wish to be French are merely going back to their roots. I understand a lack of personal hygiene is a pre requisite? Please feel free to return to your ancestral home of France, England would be better off without you. We need people who will fight for their country and not those that wish to be bicycle eating, garlic riding surrender monkeys!

Once more I see the use of the term "British" and "English" being incorrectly interchanged. Ignorance is not an excuse for such a Faux Pax (Excuse my frnech)
What a load of tosh.

Having lived in France for 2 years, you would be off your rocker if you wanted to live there on a perminant basis.
jimmys_best_mate said:
Therefore 80% wouldn't want to smell of cheese and p*ss in the street...
Surely thats the point, when you reach retirement ageyou generally do both of the above and would blend in naturally to the french way of life. To see just how true the poll was take a look at the picture, little Emily seems positively underwhelmed at the prospect of moving to France.............
The Torygraph misrepresenting the statistics again - the survey said 4 out of 5 Britons would like to invade France so we can then export our 1 in 5 chav scum to live there.

Mmmm, reasons to invade France...

1. they have MWD
2. they have the ability to deploy them after lunch
3. they're French
4. it would be a hoot
5. they're French
Did it mention the ethnic mix of these frog wannabes? If one of the indicators is whether one prefers a ready made bun for your breccy rather than make it yourself toast, then it's a crap measurement. Does being an idle sod equate with a wish to be French? Oh; point taken.
you must hate the french like you hate the devil :twisted:
obviously anyone who answers I'd rather be french goes in the pit :D
Anyone seen 'Animals', the stand up effort from Ricky Gervais? Theres a bit where he talks about him being half French saying that he has qualities of both nations. "I might be s*it in bed....but at least iv'e got bad breath." Classic.
If I could speak french, I'd probably live there. Certain things about UK life I deplore and mainland Europeans have a lot better quality of live. Their women dress smarter, restaurants are better (with little american trash on the menu), life is more relaxed, I tend to eat fresher better quality food in France because its more available, women are more atttractive.

p.s. I'd rather be English living in France ... wheres my option
Do you get a white flag when you apply for citizenship or a book called how to collaborate with the invaders when you sign your mortgage deeds? :D

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