Its killing me.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Naughty_Bear, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. Hey. In December last year i passed all my interviews and pre-selection. This year January i was in my first day at Pirbright. I passed my medical test but had a heart murmur. I was sent to Birmingham hospital and found out that instead of 3 heart flaps that overlap in my valve, i have 2 flaps that overlap instead.

    My gp said i was perfectly fine and apart from this problem i am healthy! He also said that i can have a letter from him as proof.

    I got a letter in early February telling me i got deffered but it never said if i can not join at all or was just deffered for a year.

    Will i able to try again next year? I originally wanted to be a recce but maybe i can join as a Engineer?

    Seriously no joke here but joining the British Army was my dream ever since i was 12. Most of my family has served either in the Navy or Army. I feel heartbroken that my dream was crushed in front of me and i was so close to achieveing my dreams! I always wanted to fight for something and the Army gave me a chance to serve and fight for my country. Every time i go to town i see veterans of the Army, i have a feeling inside me like i let myself down and i get so jealous when i hear my mates trying for the Army. Is there a spot of hope for me? I heard from a friend that there are ways you can get around these problems, is it true?
  2. I feel like i am grasping at straws here but surely there is a way i can get in?
  3. Being deferred doesn't mean being refused. It just means that they'll think about it later - maybe they want to see if you come back next year and say it's all fine. Or just they don't fancy recruiting at that moment.
  4. Yeah i was planning on not next year but the year after and maybe try for Royal Commando's.

    I am doing Public Services in september and hopefully it will get me even more fitter. At my pre-selection i did the run in 9 minutes and 12-15 seconds. I will be back at the recruitment centre.
  5. Sorry for double post but even the Police Force said i can get in as long as have proof.
  6. Try joining the T.A. Seriously my brother in laws son had a similiar experience last year, he went for his T.A. medical after being deferred by the reg's, passed the medical and promptly produced the results at the recruiters desk, now in the R.engineers.!!
  7. About fifty years late I'm afraid :D

    the police force? You seen half of their people?
  8. I am desperate for a active job that has excitement. The Police Force is the closest i can get to the Army :( I got no chance for the Fire brigade as i heard it is much much more tougher.

    Revmodes, he is a lucky guy! I wish him luck in his career.
  9. I'm pretty sure that if you go back and re-apply after a year (I think thats how long you said, sorry I forgot) you'll be fine and will stand just as much chance as anyone else.
  10. Yeah i was gonna ring tomorrow and see what they say. Do you know why your brother in law's son was deferred for? And how long did he have to wait untill he can try again?

  11. How long ago did you get deferred?
  12. You want to get confirmation via the Careers Office that you can re-apply in a years time. Keep copies of everything from the docotors and the Careers office.

    Hope it all works out.

    Ps. Active job - The Police? I'd have a look into their fitness standards first; not that impressive. (Even I could pass!) :D
  13. Well from my letter it says attendance at ADSC was 14 December 2009. But it never said about when i can rejoin or i cant. So i have been deferred from the 14th of Dec to 15 of June today. I can remember the day i got to Pirbright, it was really cool there.
  14. CC_TA yeah. They pretty much i am fit for m yage and healthy but apart from a heart abnormality i fine! My gp said the same thing, my heart problem is just so puny and worthless it should not even bother. I just so happen to have 2 overlapping flaps instead of 3. My valve functions fine and i have never had any problem with my heart at all.
  15. Don't quite understand what you mean, haha sorry. If you mean that you were deferred until the 15th of june then I think it means you can re-apply from today. If it doesn't have a date then I say ring your recruiting office. :)
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