It's kicking off on the Turkey/Syria border

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CrashTestDummy, Oct 3, 2012.

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  1. Just heard on Al-J that the TUR PM has been in touch with NATO Sec Gen...
    I can imagine Cameron reaching for the phone and calling CDS: 'What exactly do we mean by Article Five commitment?'
  2. PM: "CGS, mobilise all of your troops and have them forward base in Turkey. How many do you think you can have there by Mon?"
    CGS: "Probably both of them, PM".
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  3. If Easyjet will lend us a plane...
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  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Isn't Syria on the way home from Afghanistan? Could stop by for a spot of decompression.
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  5. If this escalates, the outcome could be very interesting indeed ....
  6. Could always ask Branson for a hot air balloon... it could take two and be a lot cheaper.
  7. The Turks would hardly need our troops on the ground as practically all the adult males in the country are reservists. About the only thing they would need is an assurance that if any other country tries to act on Syria's behalf that Nato would intervene. As this is unlikely to be given the situation will fizzle out as it did after the Turkish F4 shootdown, a lot of noise a few shells & endex until the next time.
  8. I can't really see NATO getting involved. Apart from the occasional bit of political bollocks from various politcos in europe regarding the atrocities in Syria it seems clear that the world is happy to stand back and let this end itself. Turkey would be wise to do the same, of course, but since it's next door and Turkey haven't bombed the **** out of anything in a while, they'll be feeling a lot more antsy.

    Let them scrap, see how it ends, that's what I say. I imagine NATO might be thinking the same thing.
  9. Neighbours of ours are flying out to Turkey on Friday. The wife is nails so problem solved.
  10. Why haven't we started slapping anyone that stands up and declares they need a slapping?

    We did in Libya, but we now seem willing to stand back and let innocents be killed and maimed.
  11. Libya had no friends and Dave got a glorious victory with slightly less enemy opposition than Zanzibar put up in 1896.

    Syria are friends with Russia who, despite their numerous documented problems, are still huge, nails and ****ing mental.
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  12. Turkey has been containing an almost full-blown war against the Kurds in the east and south-east areas of the country for years - if they can't deal with this, there is definitely something wrong in the Order Of Things.
  13. True, but friends akin with the sort of friends who pop out and buy drugs and booze for their addicted friend.

    Basically Russia is pete docherty to Syria's Amy Whitehouse.
  14. kurds doing a false flag, as they could benefit through balkanisation of syria. maybe, i don't know.