It's in the News of the must be true!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. Wayne Roony romping with a £1.2k a night hooker.
    Vice girl Jenny is not that bad looking, but has sold her story for a few ££££.
    Would give a link but seems NotW's website is getting a lots of hits at the moment and is down!!!
  2. She's better than his previous whores;


  3. and they reckoned he had`nt scored fot months
  4. Emperor Mong, "Go on, Wayne - shag the arse off her! Nobody will ever find out!"

    Shrek, "Well, if you're sure she won't sell her story to the tabloids, Dark Lord..."

    Emperor, "Fcuk me, this is almost TOO easy!"
  5. Coleen probably set it up and paid for him to go, would you want shrek slobbering all over you?
  6. Do you reckon he'll be lucky enough to be allowed three strikes before he's out?
  7. Nah I think she will dump him. She only had an engagement ring last time, this time she has half of everything :biggrin:
  8. Consider this!

    Rooney earns approx £90k per week.

    He apparently paid the hooker £1000 for 2 hours of "no holds barred" fun.

    24 hours, seven days - thats 168 hours in a week, at £500 an hour thats 84k per week.

    So, Rooney can afford to spend all week, day and night 24/7 shagging hookers, and still put 300k per year in the Bank!

    now thats the life....
  9. I wonder why his missus has stood alongside him it must be for his looks and vast intellect right?
  10. You can double that figure at least, To Rooney and the like shes the equivalent of a 10 Mark Alley girl, having said that, I would, no problem, if someone else was paying :)
  11. No Wayne no fame, simples
  12. You can take the man out of the chav environment, but you cant take the chav out of the man. I always maiontained that footballers were thick, no common sense at all. Remember Steve Heighway? He was lauded because he had a degree, or was it an O level? Cant quite remember. the last footballer with any sense or education was Sir Trvor Brooking. Since then, thick overpaid, slopey foreheaded chavs. Too simples. rant!!
  13. It is the unprofessionalism and lack of integrity that grips my shit.

    I mean to say, if you pay £1200 then the least you can expect is a bit of discretion. Frankly she doesn't look like a £1200 whore to me, which is where Rooney obviously went wrong. He's paid a £250 hooker, £1200 call-gril rates and in addition to slanting the market he's obviously made erroneous assumptions about the girl's professionalism.

    This is what happens when you give Scouse chavs the spending power of the despot of a small West African republic. Going to the dogs we are, there was a time hen only guardees and cavalrymen could spunk £1200 on a whore FFS!.
  14. Actually Steve coppell had a degre, as did that chap who played for spurs in the FA Cup final (with Ardiles et al) - Chris Galvin or Gavin? However your point is well made. Having said that Crouch sems quite articulate - surprisingly for a player the other trogs cal lurch. he appears to come from a decent background even though once again he appears prone to willyoutwhennearaprossyitis...