Its hardly racist, is it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nobby Sapper, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. Just once I'd like someone, politician, commentator or a chap like this lad's father not to cravenly apologize, but say 'I meant what I said or did I'm not sorry, I wasn't misquoted or taken out of context so go fuck yourself'

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  2. Think he'd get upset if you dyed/bleached a gollywogs hair and asked him for a photo beside it?
  3. Junior mummer.
  4. Oooo, you cad!
  5. Black listed?
  6. Exactly, not worth a cup of cold piss really!
  7. El Hadji isn't known for being the most calm of people, so if he thoughtthe kid's dad was taking the piss I'm sure he'd have hoofed the lad all over the car park! We'll have to stop saying gingers stink of piss next...
  8. Looks like the players and police took it as it seems to be meant, a young kid trying to look like his hero. No offence meant, and none taken by the looks of it. The police are quite hot on that sort of thing, so I guess they could see it for what it was.

    Now when I were nobbut a lad, I styled my hair after that great Man U player of the 60s, yep Bobby Charlton. Got the piss taken at school mind.
  9. my first thought was that El Hadj Diuof would have spat on him then kicked him in the knee if he was that offended
  10. Just look at Michael Bates in "It ain't half hot mum" or Ben Kingsley in "Ghandi". They were just acting a part, not a bit of racism. I appreciate it was a different era, but...............

    As a bloke from Leeds said on the radio today "If you think he looks blacked up, you should see the state of some of the local women on a night out, with their perma tans.".
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  11. Soon, we'll have to bleach our skid marks, lest we offend anyone. Shame.
  12. I'd put a £100 that those calling it racist were white do gooding shitcunts. Black people probably couldn't care less.
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