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It's happened again - blue on blue



Yes - those marvellous A10 tank busters that the Americans have are very good at taking out OUR tanks aren't they??!!

Yet another blue on blue incident today in which one of the bombers took out two of our tanks, killing one soldier.

Mmmmm, a feeling of deja vue washed over me...... :mad:
I saw something incerdiable tonight.
Adam Ingram being interviewed by Jon (I don't believe a fcuking word you weasels tell me) Snow

Jon was bowling nicely, and putting Ingram on the back foot, when Ingram suddenly said

"I don't know how it happened, I will investigate this matter, C4 news should never have had access to question this soldier"  I sat there gobsmacked. A-10's killing our tanks in the Gulf, and this Spawn of Hoon , wants to give the bloke lying in a hospital bed, and his OC a kicking?

Snow couldn't believe it either. "Don't you think your efforts would be better spent trying to find an answer as to why this happened?" lol nice one Jon

When questioned as to whether the government had made representations to the Spams, re. Britkilling , the minister replied, clearly and confidently,  um ahhh errrrr , well it's like this, blather....

Chris Vernon said it wouldn't affect morale, and we're still frinds with the Yanks and these things happen.

So that's all cherry then. Is that the gentle way of letting us know Sir, that this gunhappy cnut, won't face a GCM? Just like his 2 gunhappy predecessors, who got away with it?

Mr Happy

It really can't be tricky, whilst I wouldn't like to get prosecuted for slotting someone by accident in a high pressure situation I recognise that it could happen and act with restraint just like the forces taught me.  

The job these USAF pricks are doing isn't exactly high pressure and I believe they are not taking much hostile fire (IMHO) and their snap judgements are killing plenty of blokes.

Anyone know what happend to those two idiots in the F16's AFNG that bombed the Candians last year?
IIRC, they got off scott-free........




US forces in new friendly fire incident

A convoy of American special forces and Kurdish civilians came under attack in what witnesses described as another friendly-fire incident.

John Simpson, the BBC's World Affairs Editor, was with the convoy in northern Iraq when it was bombed by US forces.

A senior Kurdish official is thought to be among those who were injured in the raid which Simpson, who also suffered minor injuries, described as a "bad own goal."

The convoy contained between eight and 10 cars, two of which contained US special forces.

Story filed: 10:03 Sunday 6th April 2003



U.S. Mistakenly Bombs Convoy in Northern Iraq
At Least 10 Killed in 'Friendly Fire' Incident

Sunday, April 6, 2003; 5:24 AM

LONDON, April 6 (Reuters) - A U.S. warplane bombed U.S. special forces and Kurdish civilians in a convoy on Sunday, killing at least 10 to 12 of them in a "friendly fire" incident in northern Iraq, said a BBC correspondent who witnessed the event.

The reporter, the BBC's World Affairs Editor John Simpson, told the television: "I have counted 10 to 12 bodies...Americans dead."

"This is just a scene from hell here. There are vehicles on fire, bodies lying around, and there are bits of bodies around me...

"They hit their own people... they've killed a lot of ordinary characters, I'm just looking at the bodies now and it's not a very pretty sight," Simpson, injured in the incident, told BBC television in the report from northern Iraq monitored in London.

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