Its going to start soon .Tin foil at the ready?

So The USA has deployed multiple Patriot defensive missiles systems to “friends in the Gulf.

USA reportedly deploying a number of Aegis ships in the Persian Gulf.

USA Pres hiself edges toward imposing tougher sanctions on Iran.

Pres Obama today will tell the USA they are shagged with a $1.6 trillion deficit. YET

Obama to freeze spending

Areas which will not see such restraint will include defence and military spending

Werrrrr Doomed - all doomed.
Nah. It's a containment exercise.
The Iranians are looking at a pretty busy month, cos its the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution, there will be thousands of people on the streets, and the opposition are in the mood for a ruck.
The Yanks are sending a polite reminder that if the Iranian Government decides to do a Galtieri and try and start a foreign incident to deflect public opinion, that the US of A are there to stop them.
Note that what's been sent isn't ground or air assets, but anti-missile systems (Patriot and Aegis). The US isn't piling up manpower on the Iraqi border, but sending a simple message.-You chuck a scud this way. We will knock it down. Don't bother.

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