Its getting to be an epidemic


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Do they do a speshul Chav stunt driving test ?

Every one of them seems able to flip a car and hit the only skip / lampost / tree for miles around
Just waiting for the Facebook fun to start
Did it put a skip in her step though...........

/rant on
Dont get me started on the non-offence causing death by dangerous driving.

It's either murder, manslaughter or an accident.

Or are we going to have separate offenses for causing death by stabbing and causing death by repeatedly staving in the skull with a lump of 2by4?

As for drink driving? Attempted murder.

/rant off
'Her driving fell well below the level of a careful and competent driver.'
From the point of view of Darwinism, however, it was impeccable.

Thank you for the link, couldn't be bothered to read the whole article about natural selection.

My attention was taken by the picture of young Miss Drew Barrymore... :D

Witness Sharon Innes-Evenden, a supervisor at the DHL depot in Aylesford, said the car looked like it was being driven by an 'idiot' before the crash
Well observed that was, the only bit missing is f ucking stupid.
Wait, isn't the chav cnut who caused all this still alive, and the only person killed was a passenger? Now I'm not going to make any claims as to the "innocense" of said passenger, but it does seem a waste. She was pretty cute.

I thought one of the conclusions from the Fricker thread was that it's a good job he only took himself...
SubTig said:
And yet she denies death by dangerous driving. There goes a complete waste of tax payers money paying for her legal aid!!
On the plus side, if she pleads innocent, she should get a more severe sentence.
On the plus side, if she pleads innocent, she should get a more severe sentence.[/quote]

Yep, no third off for the chav cnut!

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