Its getting harder not to be racist

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ex-sapper, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. They must be laughing all the way to Islam!!!!! how can so few have so much control ffs... ?? I wonder which way they face when they cut the throats of their "sinning"daughters.


    British kids urged to spurn NZ meat in lunches
    Muslim pupils at some British schools are being urged to boycott school meals containing New Zealand meat over fears it may not be halal, or killed in accordance with religious custom.
    The Lancashire Council of Mosques has written to all mosques in the county and urged parents to ensure their children stick to vegetarian options or take a packed lunch, the Lancashire Telegraph newspaper reported today.
    Lancashire County Council switched its supplies for school lunch meat to NZ meat – prompting fears that halal standards might not be met with the new products.
    County council bosses have responded to the Muslim community's concerns by taking halal meat off the menus of all its primary and secondary schools until "all parties" were satisfied with the new supplier.
    The Halal Food Authority (HFA), a voluntary non-profit making organisation launched in 1994 to monitor and regulate red meat and poultry, had approved the new supplier's products.
    But Salim Mulla, secretary of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: "We have suspicions that it may not be halal ... there is not enough known about the origins of the meat and the fact that it has been checked by the HFA is not good enough."
    The concept of halal is central to the Islamic religion. In relation to food it means that the meat has been blessed and killed in accordance with Islamic law.
    Masood Khawaja, president of the HFA, said that all appropriate checks had been made: "It is preposterous to say that the supplier is unfit and that our checks are unsuitable.
    "These allegations are unfounded."
    New Zealand meat exporters are already caught up in a row over halal certification with Malaysia, which has banned some imports of halal meat after disputing killing methods and certification in NZ.
    Malaysia blocked imports from New Zealand – a major exporter of halal meat to Malaysia – in 2005, apparently after setting a differing standard to the long-established halal certification of meat killed mainly for the Middle East trade. According to the NZ High Commissioner in Malaysia, David Kersey halal matters being discussed between the two governments are making "good progress".
  2. Once they've cut the throat of a sinning daughter does she become halal meat ?
  3. I hate the fact that the minority in this country, this CHRISTIAN country, get away with dictating (that is most definitely the right choice of word) policy. I just want them to accept that they live in BRITAIN, and as such should accept BRITISH rule...
  4. Sorry a bit fuzzy what they have done wrong?
    If they believe the meat is not Halal then they shouldn't eat it.
    They have advised parents that a better option would be vegetarian or packed lunches. Does this mean that all children who have packed lunches or vegetarian food are boycotting NZ meat.
    Part of the issue is that they want the meat to be UK sourced so they know its going to be Halal. Therefore you bunch of numpties they are trying to encourage British farming not NZ farming.
  5. is there a difference in taste between "halalalal meat" and british meat because i wouldn't have a clue on deciding which was which
  6. If I was to go to school in a Muslim country and wanted turkey twizzlers, would I get them.

    Would I :censored:

    Dont see why it should be differrent here, except I keep forgetting, we thought the government ran the country - its not - its the majority voice in the United Kingdom of Islam.

    Rant over :bow:
  7. Agreed. Muslims fcuk me off in an almost unlimited number of ways, but this isn't one of them. It's no different to Jews and kosher, and no-one here's jumping up and down over their religiously-focussed pernicketyness.
  8. jimbojetset, you're talking balls! This has nothing to do with supporting british farming. The real issue is that, in this country, Muslims expect and DEMAND Halal meat in secular, state schools. That's just bollox, like shiny says, in a Muslim country they wouldn;t cater for all our needs, so why should we cater for their needs?!
  9. Errr...reread the original post.

    1) they already have halal meat in state schools.
    2) they're concerned about its provenance.
    3) they're urging that Muslim kids switch to pack lunches or veggie options until the issue's cleared up.

    end of.
  10. Well actually you would because you would probably go here if you were in Karachi
    or here if you went to school in Dhaka
    or Here if you were in Jakarta
    or Here if you were in school in Saudi Arabia. Get over yourself!
  11. So we shouldn't cater for any different diets in State schools?
    Hindu, Diabetic, Vegetarian, Celiacs, Jewish, Christians who abstain from meat on a friday (apart from Penguin of course)
  12. My bold. Maybe because we, as a civilised country, try our best to cater for the needs of everyone?

    I agree that we bend over backwards - way too far - on some issues, but this isn't one of them.

    All they want is to eat meat that has been prepared in accordance with their beliefs. There is a simple answer - packed lunches.

    I don't see anybody having a go at a Jew when he turns his nose up at a Bacon Sarnie?
  13. jimbojetset, those are British schools in different countries - Whereas over here, in state schools the government is expected to supply halal meat, or kosher meat, or whatever.

    If it's a school for Saudi Arabians, or Indonesians, or whatever, then they can supply the food they want. As state schools should only be expected to provide food that is common to this country - Halal is not this.
  14. I think when the church is full you can claim that, but where is your evidence that the British people are Christian? At least these people practice their religion, rather than claim to be religious. If your Chrisitian I suggest you look about the bit about your fellow man, forgiveness etc
  15. Actually as my half termly bill for school lunches needs to be paid this week I would counter that parents do pay for their food not the Government unless the person is entitled to free school meals. Your point was, that you couldn't do it in a Muslim country and having gone to school in two muslim countries I would say your point is not true.