It's getting embarassing now.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. Access to all of that oil .....that we're not getting now either. Ah well.
  2. and don't forget Northern Ireland ....... can hardly class that as a win with the terrorists being the government!!
  3. Libbyaa has oil the West will prevail........... Gadaffi is on the back foot it may take time to flush him out but that's one thing they have plenty of. Anyway haven't they re started oil exports from the parts of the Country the uprising controls??

    Bet Gadaffi will have a bit of trouble getting any of his exported oil past the RN blockade outside of the Port establishments he holds...
  4. Other than The Gulf we haven't had a military win since The SLR. (Oh god, what have I just said....)
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  5. The French wanted first didbs on the oil anyway.
  6. Bet he doesn't if he can sell it to the right people.

    Remember exactly how well the Iraq oil embargo worked?
  7. Remember this supposedly legitimates the whole thing - once you can have a little ceremony and a bit of flag raising, putting terrorists in government can seem perfectly reasonable.

    Lets not forget there's no opposition in Northern Ireland. Everybody who is elected gets a hand in government. That's progress - a country that can't tollerate its own opposition!
  8. Get used it it Steven. It's the way of the future for us. Sadly. My grandparents would be turning in their graves if it weren't for the fact that they were cremated.

    Our problem is that we have become a nation ruled and interferred with by idiots and excuse makers. We always have excuses nowadays for failing so that it might appear to some that we haven't failed so much as either had reduced success or succeeded in a different direction.

    EVERYTHING in British life is****ed and there's always and excuse why. The condition of the roads, being a classic. Even the ****ing French have better roads than we do and they're a bigger country with a more dispersed population. Aaaargh !!!!

  9. With due are supporting a bunch of ISLAMIC FUNDIES...the Islamic fundies are not laughing their bollocks off at you, the socialists and progressives are because once more its been exposed and well documented, the Nato alliance/Western nations are supporting Islamist jihadi scumbags to destabilise the region and make the people dependent on Western aid, to increase influence and take a chunky bit of the resouces.

    I guess the Libyans are not so dumb after all...I wished the Afghan people were like that too from the start during the 70's.
  10. The French have ****ing excellent roads, toll routes are probably the best but I have yet to drive on a French road that is in as bad condition as one of ours, say an A road. The French equivalent to our B roads could put most of our motorways to shame. Maybe if we had toll roads which everyone pays for instead of road tax (less than 20% is spent on the roads, IIRC, of course we need to get the money from somewhere to keep our friendly little addicts in methadone) which means that foreigners can travel for free, our roads would be in better nick as the shitheads that run this shambles of a country would be forced to spend the money made from the roads on the roads.

    [rant over]

    You're totally right though, it is just excuses, excuses and things like 'reduced success' to make it seem as if the incompetent ***** are doing something right.
  11. A lot of self-hate here folks? BP has huge investment in Libya and that will still be honoured when Gaddafi is un-seated. Gaddafi also has an international arrest warrant on his head so his options for movement were always limited so when cue-ball Hague comes away with words as such it is only to to give food for thought to his supporters.

    A strategy, that is all.
  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the afghans to be fair would probably have been better off bowing down and letting communism take over, they would have ended up with a decent infrastucture at least, so when the revolution did come they would have actually had something approaching a workable country and an educated population.

    or they could have let an iranian style of revolution work which would again mean they could develop alongside iran as an agro economy which they were before the troubles

    It might be classed as a naive view but despite the little proxy wars all over the place the world was probably a more balanced place during the cold war, if it had ended the same way china went instead of imploding I wonder how the world would be now?
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  13. I hear you Eric. I spent 2 weeks earlier this year bimbling about France on my motorbike. EVERY road was in great shape. Not just the toll roads (which I used rarely). The Massif Centrale - remote and sparsely populated - great roads. The major passes only just cleared of snow, great roads. Even where there was a patchwork quilt of a road due to repairs and yet still it rode like a single surface.: smoothe and grippy. Happy days ! :)

    If only the road tax went on roads, eh ? It would be good to see on my wage slip where every penny taken by the Govt actually goes. Be a real eye opener mefinks.
  14. You got that right ! And i don't mean being naive :)