Its Friday 15:30 what you up to?



trying to look busy......
only one more week at this shitehole before self-employment...yay !!


Killing time, I should have been doing an evening deer stalk but I'm putting it off till next week! Still got a set of freebie step ladders from work for the farm shoot!
Drinking, JD and Coke, in my dressing gown, with a ciggie hanging out of the corner of my mouth, listening to Phoenix nights series 2 on DVD.

The simple pleasures in life.


just went and got money changed into euro pissing off to the sn for 2 weeks on sunday thank fcuk!!
Getting ready to go the Traf for an Airborne get together prior to scattering a mates ashes in the military cemetary tomorrow. It'll be a long old drinking weekend.
Listening to the Layer Cake soundtrack as I flick (with much speed) through a presentation supposed to last an hour (just about finished after 30mins!) on how not to be naughty at work (provided by the evil Yank corporation I currently work for), on a computer away from the miserable CIVPOP I work with!
Whilst daydreaming of my next job and how get the cash to get to said job ;)


Book Reviewer
Working from home, but actually doing some because I also work for an American Corporation that has people that do not understand the concept of POETS.

Oh well, better than being on tour so I can't complain.
Have been Water Bulling my Ammo Boots for Mondays Ceremonial Changing
of the Guard at Buck Palace.. :roll:

Oh, And have made my Disturbance Allowance claim on JPA... :roll:
But probably won't get it until well after i have moved.... :roll:

Soz for being Cynical but i'd just rather talk to a real person than tap tap
on a bloody computer all day, filling in forms.
Dale the snail said:
Been to a barby, afternoon drinking is for winners. Am chatting to Bigbird67 on speakerphone because me fingers don't work.
Try a frozen cumberland sausage, that shoud have you frothing at the gash. Alledgedly.
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