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Its Friday 15:30 what you up to?

I,m nuts deep in some scablifters wife. I've gotta go soon though, as he'll be home about four.


trying to look busy......
only one more week at this shitehole before self-employment...yay !!
Scrubbing a fcuking floor! I wouldn't mind but I've been out for ten years now.


Killing time, I should have been doing an evening deer stalk but I'm putting it off till next week! Still got a set of freebie step ladders from work for the farm shoot!
Drinking, JD and Coke, in my dressing gown, with a ciggie hanging out of the corner of my mouth, listening to Phoenix nights series 2 on DVD.

The simple pleasures in life.
Just back from a funeral. I am constantly in awe of the soldiers I work with. I would be proud to call them my friends.


just went and got money changed into euro pissing off to the sn for 2 weeks on sunday thank fcuk!!
Been to a barby, afternoon drinking is for winners. Am chatting to Bigbird67 on speakerphone because me fingers don't work.
Getting ready to go the Traf for an Airborne get together prior to scattering a mates ashes in the military cemetary tomorrow. It'll be a long old drinking weekend.
Listening to the Layer Cake soundtrack as I flick (with much speed) through a presentation supposed to last an hour (just about finished after 30mins!) on how not to be naughty at work (provided by the evil Yank corporation I currently work for), on a computer away from the miserable CIVPOP I work with!
Whilst daydreaming of my next job and how get the cash to get to said job ;)


Book Reviewer
Working from home, but actually doing some because I also work for an American Corporation that has people that do not understand the concept of POETS.

Oh well, better than being on tour so I can't complain.
Have been Water Bulling my Ammo Boots for Mondays Ceremonial Changing
of the Guard at Buck Palace.. :roll:

Oh, And have made my Disturbance Allowance claim on JPA... :roll:
But probably won't get it until well after i have moved.... :roll:

Soz for being Cynical but i'd just rather talk to a real person than tap tap
on a bloody computer all day, filling in forms.
Dale the snail said:
Been to a barby, afternoon drinking is for winners. Am chatting to Bigbird67 on speakerphone because me fingers don't work.
Try a frozen cumberland sausage, that shoud have you frothing at the gash. Alledgedly.

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