Its COMPETITION time.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Santa_Sunday, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. Name this lot and the clubs they played for.

    Back row left to right first... Don't bother with the 2 in blue.


    Thw winner gets a half full bottle of Fanta Light.

  2. Hegarty R, Hegarty A........
  3. Ray Wilson (3rd fm right from Sir Alf) From my home town ! (went on to be undertaker in Huddersfield) Will not demean myself by naming the rest of this glorious band of heroes.
  4. Back row L to R
    Nobby Stiles Man U, Roger Hunt, Liverpool, Gordon Banks, Leicester, Jack Chartlton ,Leeds, George Cohen, Fulham, Ray Wilson, Everton,
    Front: Martin Peters, Geoff Hurst, Bobby Moore, all West Ham, Alan Ball, Blackpool, Bobby Charlton, Man u.

    Watched the final on a portable while on camp with the Cubs!!
  5. Sir Roger Hunt of Anfield :lol:
    Oh and ten other blokes :wink:
  6. Back row, left to right : Nobby Stiles (Man Utd), Roger Hunt (Liverpool), Gordon Banks (Stoke City) , Jackie Charlton (Leeds United), George Cohen (Fulham), Ray Wilson (Bradford City).

    Front row, left to right : Martin Peters (West Ham Utd), Geoff Hurst (West Ham Utd) , Bobby Moore (West Ham Utd), Alan Ball (Southampton?), and Bobby Charlton (Man Utd).

    (Edited to say B*gger - got that wrong didn't I!)
  7. Tut Tut Norman.....

    must try harder
  8. Is that the English team that won the world cup in the last century and the whole of England can't stop talking aboot it even today.
  9. Guru daughter just wondered if Peter Crouch was in there next to Banksy !
  10. Someone rub some ointment on that sore loser.........
  11. Dunno who the hell they are, but they look like a right bunch of cnuts. Love the comb-over on the chap on the bottom right- sad tw@t.

    Is the trophy for having the milkiest thighs in Christendom?
  12. Santa, Don't know the answer and can't be ARRESED to GOOGLE.
    Didn't Alan Ball play for Everton at that time (not a Wah).
  13. Just for tartan jock. Try and name this lot, the last successful Scotland team...

    Same rules apply


    By the way, do you remember this man..??


    Ha Ha
  14. No - he was signed after the World Cup from Blackpool
  15. Signed for them after that, although Shanks wanted him for our reserves at one point.

    edit - didn't read the question properly.