its cheaper than a coffin

Look, I've already given half my body away, so you can piss of as to the rest.
The podiatry students would not be well pleased if you did.


I remember when a friend, now a surgeon in Canada, was a med student in Nova Scotia. The students are taught to respect the donated bodies and at the end of the year there is a funeral for the bodies, each in his or her own grave, to which the families ae invited and for which attendance in mandatory for the med students to show gratitude for the donation which enabled their education to progress.
They do something similar here as well.
Good idea if you have a fear of being buried alive. It is less likely if some student wag has stuck his hand up your neck and is going "Gottle ob geer" whilst moving your jaw.
I once worked a Summer job at the local parks dept (who also do the corporation boneyards) and after hearing the stories (most likely bullshit but....) of exhumed coffins with claw-marks on the inside of the lids, I decided on cremation. "Yes cos then nobody 'ears you'm screaming in the furnace" said the old foreman.

So being sliced up by a bunch of medical students, and perhaps having my cock chopped off and worn as a buttonhole or corsage during rag week, sounded quite appealing by comparison.

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