Its back to the Army again boys...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cuddles, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Well at last I've got the first day in green of my new incarnation under my belt. To be honest I knew that the Army hadn't changed when the first and apparently most important part of the exercise was to ensure I paid my extra messing! Truly nothing has changed...

    It was very nice of the CinC to drop in and welcome me back and the weather was delightful. A thoughtful Army had also arranged for many old friends and acquaintances to be involved. Finally despite many horror stories, the food was absolutely brilliant, especially the curry lunch on Sunday.

    I believe the exercise was successful too! :wink:
  2. WTF - Why do I get the feeling I missed something here?

    OK I guess congratulations are in order unless this is a WAH.

    I dare not ask the When, Where, What, What, What on this one

  3. Well done Cuddles. Speaking of curries, I hope the Army will pay you enough to replace that hideous curry-house carpet that your lab is sitting on.... I drop hints every now and again...... ;o)
  4. He isn't a lab, he's a springador! It isn't a curry house, it is a pub. They aren't hints they are brutally obvious...

  5. My arrssse! That's the entrance hall carpet at Cuddles Towers!

    Speaking of Springadors... that actually helps me out as a friend of mine has a Spaniel [can't recall which Mk] who she thinks may have been put up the duff by a lab. I was wondering what they would turn out like - quite lab-like it appears?
  6. Windsor and his sister holly are lab-esque, the other four look like big Springers...
  7. no 'tis true, I can bear witness to Cuddles looming large in green again.
    What was also interesting was how many sub unit OCs felt their lives would be better with him on their team.

    The food was very good.....
  8. Honestly, Saturday night in the mess...well I felt like a piece of meat! However I was brought up to "dance with the one that brought you"; so I must sadly decline the very exciting offers ranging from running a mobile bath at one level to providing underwater rapid mass transit systems at the other, via a diverse range of arms and services.