Its back! Prison Break Season 2 - The Manhunt

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Higround, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Well after rather a long wait Prison Break has returned to American TV. Thought the first series was amazing and am shortly about to watch the first episode of the second season.

    Available for free from all good p2p programs :D

    Or you cant wait 15 years till channel 5 get it
  2. Lots of Prison Break fans then...
  3. prison break is quality

    downloaded episode 6 of season 2 before.. gonna watch it later :D
  4. Yep, I still have the latest 2 to watch. It's so great.
  5. just got season one shite hot it is.
  6. How the hell do you have episode 6 already. I put mine on download when I got back from work around 4 ish and I have 14 MB of it. I mean it was only aired on yank telly last night.

    What program do you use? Or did you get it in some fancy 'legal' manner, like off iTunes?
  7. i got it off a torrent site am a member of mate

    always get max speeds off it aswell.. 350kbps

    i set it to download last nite about 2:30am! they get put on there no later than an hour after its finished airin in the US

    do ya know how to use torrents ? coz i've got a few invites for that site.. i'll sort ya 1 out if ya want

    ya need an invite to join at the min
  8. Yea I know how to use torrents, well I have used bittorrnet in the past at least. I and by I, I mean a mate of mine uses a p2p program called Ares, to breach intellectual property laws (debatably as these shows are on free - to - air tv) although good it takes ages for there to be a lot of peers and not as many leechers in the first few days of something being released. If you can get it at 350Kbps at a max download ive seen my downloads exceed 750Kbps on normal sites...

    Oh the possibilites

    Pm me link and ill love you forever

    Edited for sh1t spelling, although ther iz prolly mor sh1te spullin on ther
  9. Forgot to add, is it a pay p2p site? Im not paying to breach intellectual property laws, aint no one getting my details on that front....
  10. nah u dont have to pay anything

    install Utorrent...

    I'll pm u the invite code now... when u go to sign up

    stick it in the ticket number
  11. could u please pm me an invite code for the same as well!
  12. just use bit torrent, episode 14 of series 2 is on there now
  13. Hahaha. I was watching the an episode of season one and thought 'this is good'. I watched it for another couple of weeks expecting to see them break out and thought 'how many eppisodes are there FFS'? I looked and saw... 26! I'd missed most of them! Same with the new series, seen just the last two and I'm making sure I don't miss the rest 'cos it's great stuff. Better than 8 hours of poorly acted US CSI shite each night.
  14. Was Impressed with the first series but, The 2nd so far is starting to get a bit too far fetched, if you are on the run would you really brake into a courthouse to free someone.

    Apart from that best show on tv at the mo