It's an odd way to get even with your ex....

Hey, don't knock it 'til ya tried it.
Giving evidence, Ms Thacker, who owns a male boxer as well as the bull mastiff, said Saunders told the dog "You've just ruined my chances" when it jumped on to the bed between herself and her ex-husband.

She told the court she took this to mean he had wanted to have sex with her.
I reckon he was just angling for a pity fuck, with the mastiff that is.
They do say the crime is getting caught.

Wonder if the doggies monthly will put his pic on their pig board!
He's obviously barking mad.
Fucking hell. There is always one that takes it too far.

What's wrong with getting the dog to lick your balls like everyone else?
I suspect he's going to have difficulty getting a blow job in future.
Bet the dog never even had the courtesy to give him a reach-around
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