"Its an ill wind that blows no one any good..."

The recent events concerning terorist plots have resulted in instructions to pack laptops, iPODs et cetera in hold baggage, rather than in the cabin.

This is fantastic news for the baggage handlers and coming well in advance of Christmas means that they no longer have to worry about gifts for their families.

Bert Scrugg, 47, a life-long baggage handler said "It's great news. My teenage son has been banging on to me about getting a laptop...noew he can have his pick off them. The Frankfurt flights will be loaded."

Arun Krisnhmurcha, 25, from Hounslow was equally excited. "Although as a Hindu I do not celebrate Christmas as such, my girlfriend will be pleasantly surprised with the iPOD I'll be getting her in the next few days. I think she'll like a pink one but it is really just a question of going through every suitcase - which to be fair we do anyway."

A security consultant added, "With X-ray machines, baggage handlers no longer have to neeedlessly slash or break into luggage items. They can pick and choose, it is almost like going to Argos."
They don't call it Thiefrow for nothing........
Or Ratwick.....


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Unlike the trombone which, as we all know, is an ill wind that nobody blows good.

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